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Invasion of Great White Results

Hey ACP,

Its Ken finishing up the post for Johny because he unfortunately had to go! We had a great invasion today! We had pretty good numbers for a school day. We captured at least 5 five rooms with out any enemy opposition form the Underground Mafia Army. Johny and those helping him did a wonderful job of leading the ACP in this invasion. I  was unfortunately was eating dinner at the time  but good thing we have Johny to lead us.

You guys [ACP Soldiers and Officers] did a magnificent job of invading Great White from UMA. Those of you who came certainly deserved your promotions but make sure to come to the other invasions coming this week too! We also had an unexpected visit on CP by Littleguy04 (Retired ACP 3ic, Current ACP Intern) and Dr Nono Jr (Retired 3rd Leader of ACP and Current ACP Intern).

Some pics were provided by Littleguy and Hurricane. Overall ACP, you did an awesome job today on CP! Remember we still have some more invasions to come. I hope you guys can keep this awesomeness up for the rest of the invasions to come.

Comment if you made it!

~Johny4 & Kenneth1000

ACP June 2011 Promotions!

We simulated a month and based on May’s activities, have discovered who is most likely to be active through simulation.

So, one month early, we present you, the June 2011 Promotions!

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Not fully Retired

I am only part retired not fully
retired in ACP. You all know I can’t leave ACP just yet I still got like 2 more
years before I retire in full.

I am Retired combat wise which
means I don’t fight on Club Penguin anymore like I used to. But man oh man when
I first joined I spent too much time on Club Penguin on Mammoth fighting for
ACP. I have seen my fair share of combat in ACP. I don’t know what happened when
I became ACP 3ic- ACP 2ic. I just lost it I don’t know but something happened that
made me go downhill and I am sorry for ruining it for all of you.

Now moving on I asked Ken if I could
work on secret projects in ACP and he said yes. That means I am still in ACP
but I work on secret stuff. Like I said I used to run home from school to get
on Club Penguin and go on ACP Chat. Now here is what is going to happen to me.


I will still be on the ACP site.

I will make a post every once in a

And if your all lucky I might get
back on Club Penguin and lead a battle if you want me to you all just got to be

That is all for now I am 50%
retired and I don’t really do combat anymore I have seen plenty of it in my 3+
years as an active soldier.

On a side note im glad not many people care that i retired. I don’t like to be in the Limelight of center of attention online and offline i like to stay quiet and do what i gotta do. Keep that in mind why i mostly say k, ok or make a random face on chat.


Recent Surprises

Hey ACP!

This post is mainly about the current promotions post. 😛

1. Another Leader?

In the recent promotions post, you may of noticed a few surprises in the owner ranks. This is because of a few things that have been happening inside of ACP. First of al, a quite weird surpirse was seeing this on the promotion post – Leader: ‘Dryvit ;)’

No, he isn’t leader, just to clear that up! 😆 It was just a cheeky joke that Dry snuck in, that caught a few of you out. He is not officially leader, but he is one awesome master corporal still! We still have two (Sorta) leaders, so don’t worry!

2. Noka Demoted

One of the other shock surprises was that Noka 8, Former ACP 2ic was demoted. Not many people knew why, but after talking with others I finally found out some reasons Ken gave to why he was demoted. Read below:

  • Leading – As you know, being a LEADER is about leading on CP and starting unscheduled events and leading the soldiers to victory in battles. Apparently, since Noka has become 3ic, he hasn’t been very enthusiastic about getting on Club Penguin for unscheduled events, and hasn’t been leading or getting on CP without being forced to come on by someone higher ranked.
  • Posting – As a 2ic of ACP, you are expected to post at least 3 times a week, and recently Noka has been posting once a week at the most. Owners expected him to post more, and be a better soldier than this, this was another reason why he had been demoted.
This was decided after many thoughts and discussions with previous leaders and current owners, we really didn’t want to do this, but this was the conclusion that we had come up with.
3. New 2ic
Obviously, with a demotion of one of our 2ic’s, another would have to take his place! After much discussion with the owners, Slider568 was chosen to replace Noka. This was a very tight decision, and it was between Johny and Slider. Some owners had been missing from the meeting, so the next morning there were a couple arguements.
Some people thought Johny would be a good choice too, but we still couldn’t really decide. After some more thoughts, an idea put forward by Shaboomboom, and backed by many other leaders, suggested we give each soldier, Slider and Johny, a chance at the cherished 2ic spot. So starting from today, Slider will be ACP temporary 2ic from May 31st – 14th June. Then Johny 4, will be ACP Temporary 2ic from June 15th – June 30th.
I’m assured this will be one battle from 2 rising talents, as they compete for ACP Head General.
4. New 3ic??!?!?
When Noka was demoted to 3ic, being pretty angry about what happened, all evidence points to that he retired from his 3ic role. But after some speculation, we aren’t sure if is temp-retired, or what. Noka said that he will still help out, maybe he will be presented with an ‘Advisor/4ic’ type role, but we would need to discuss it further.
This does mean that there will most likely be a replacement to Noka. There are a couple of soldiers that have been shortlisted on our minds, but. After the last 3ic vote, which was chaos, the 3ic’s will be decided by past leaders/present owners in a post. A vote of the soldiers will not be held, at the moment. But things can still change!
5. High ranks reform
All in all, it’s been almost like a complete high ranks reform! A top mod has been demoted for being inactive, that soldier was Ryan. A lot of top mod spots will be open, about 3-4. This will be a happy time for all those generals who have waited ages to be promoted!
In other news, the rank ‘Field Marshall’ will most likely be turned back to Division General.
Ken’s Part
I approve of all of this. Especially with the demotion of the top mod which was my idea and the new 2ic testing which was also partly my idea with Flip. I told Flipper to make a new post about all of this to get everything straight. I really did not want to demote Noka but unfortunately it had to be done. Since Noka has retired, he will keep mod and his position on the ACP Site as recognition of his long and loyal service to the Army of Club Penguin. Luckily Noka is still going to be here to help around!
Remember we still have invasions this week too so be ready!
~Flipper7706 & Kenneth1000