CPAC Legends Cup Finals! ACP vs IW vs Ninjas!

Army Of Club Penguin vs Ninjas vs Ice Warriors

Date: Saturday, July 2nd


12 PM Pacific

1 PM Mountain,

2 PM Central,

3 PM Eastern,


Server: Klondike

Room: Town, Forts, Plaza

Hey ACP!

Well this is what we are all waiting for! Lets exhibit our true talents and skills as the largest, most powerful, influential, and the foremost leading power of all Club Penguin Armies. Lets go out there and bring ACP a hard deserved victory and the Legends Cup!

Remember if you come its a 100% chance of promos for Brigadier Generals and under and a 90% chance of getting a promo for everyone over Brigadier General.

The times are above! This is the most important battle of the two months we just had! Lets how the Ninjas what being in the ACP really means, Hard Work, Determination, Strength, Courage, Bravery, Perseverance, and Victory.

Comment below if you can make this very important battle!

~Kenneth1000 & Flipper7706

Retirement of Drigo2

This is the retirement of ACP General Drigo2. He has been a great soldier to the ACP and a great friend to the people in ACP. We will miss you Drigo!

Hey ACP, I didn’t want to do this but, Im getting too old for ACP and CP armies and I think I’m old enough to leave them and I hope that ACP goes farther than it alredy has gone and I’m sorry to leave at a tough time like this… I will try to come on from time and time but, Im going through a tough time, my mom is in China for work and my dad is a lawyer so I only see him at night, so its pretty tough… Love you ACP and all of the soldiers that have been with me this whole year and a half….


Thank yous:

Buckleybeans: Your a great dude and even though you didnt play Transformice when I asked you, you were still a good friend of mine who made me get out of my noobish part of ACP.

Jujuflower: I was the one who got you to be in ACPTR (Where your career started) and you helped me through some tough times, when I was nervous, mad or just happy/frustrated. We were best friends for a long time so…

Bobcatboy: You were the one that gave me 3 promos , so I skipped 2 ranks xDDD

Matre10: I joined the exact day you were leaving, but when you came on we always talked a lot….

Mchappy: Your a great guy who has helped me a lot when I was down and I helped you sometimes, but we had some up and downs but we were always friends…

Jordi : You were my first actuall friend, we were in Black Rangers together when I started… and then you created Ranger Troops, and I was 2ic and you said I would always be 1 of your best friends, and we tried to keep RT alive but it just didnt budge…



Eyes: You hacked my first account…

Neos: When I asked you to teach me GFX you didnt do it because I was poor, but look at me now , Im richer then you will ever be….!!

Oops, we did it again.

Hey ACP!

We won again! We are through to the final of the Legends Cup 2, much better than out last run where we were kncoked down in the semis – Today, we proceed! We will most likely play Ninjas and IW, it’s time to show our true size and destroy them! No survivors.. 😆

Today, we reached about 45 soldiers in the dock with about 10 soldiers locked out and scattered in the town. Today, our battle was on a Wednesday – Not the best day for us, but hey, we still did well! Our event was also covered up by a lot of posts, like some silly little marriage polls… -GLARES AT SHAB- and was only uncovered at the last hurdle.

Comment with your pictures! Sorry for the short post, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.. I will be posting an inspriational (Possibly boring) speech soon, about the final, for now you’ll just have to way!


P.S: Comment if you came for a basically guaranteed promotion!

Poll Results

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We haven’t had a scheduled recruiting in a while so for the next week, we will be recruiting twice daily. The better you do the more you prove that you guys don’t need a recruiting session daily. All will happen at the same time [unless a leader knows they cannot be on at that time] and will be on the same server and start in the same room. If you cannot get into Breeze, go to Mammoth and recruit there.

Click READ MORE for the times!!!

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Interactive Event/Marry-BFF Ktman

Hi all!  Just wanted to inform you that the interactive army event I have planned is still to come and will be huge!  Yet, out of respect for the Legends Cup, the event will begin after it’s conclusion.  So look for updates about that then!

Also, due to a generous gift from Monsterfully, I now have the xats to marry or bff someone.  If anyone out there is interested, comment your name on this post with if you want to be married or bffed.  And if your really bored and have nothing better to do, you can say why you think so as well.



Everyone In The ACP Listen Up

Hello ACP,

It is becoming evident, that we will be having to face the Ninjas in the finals. Yes right now I am or going to be giving one of my pre-battle pep talks only for important battles. I know I am writing this early but I just really feel like I have to tell you guys this early on.

Guys I know I say this a lot but this is really one of the most important battles. This could decide our fate in the Top 10 and I am dead serious right now. And yes I am treating this as if it was a real war. Treat this battle as if was ACP’s last stand on Breeze from an enemy attack.

So please try to come. If ACP can get 60+ troops online and win you have a 98% of promos for almost everybody (not including owners). If you are a Corporal to Brigadier General, then you are almost GUARANTEED a promo if you come! There are large rewards for this battle because we need to assert our position as number one army of Club Penguin 😀

That is how important this battle is! We must show and prove ACP is the dominant army of Club Penguin. The ACP is much better then an army that gets most of its recruits off Club Penguin Cheat Sites. We the ACP actually WORK and RECRUIT on Club Penguin for our loyal troops. Lets prove that we are better because of it! Oagal is looking down upon you with his eyes expecting us to win. The ACP fights only to win!

The British didn’t give up in the Battle of Rorke’s Drift when less then maybe 300 hundred British soldiers were up against 3000-4000 Zulus. The Chinese didn’t give up when the Japanese overran China, but instead they used guerrilla warfare and with the help of the allies they won. And finally the Spartans didn’t give up when 300 of them were up against thousands of Persians. So hell no is ACP going to give up. We will not give up. The Ninjas might look that big in the pictures but lets see how they really do in the field. Our tactics are only matched and rivaled by the Nachos.

We have to give it our all, do the best we can do. All of the past ACP Leaders would be proud of when ACP has always looked adversity in the eye and said “you sure as hell don’t scare me!” and then ended up winning. I know we can all do it, we have gotten 60+ in the past lots of times before, so lets do it again. It’s kinda like that situation in the Falklands War in 1982, many people saw Britain as a falling world power but when they successfully defended the Falkland Islands (which was more then 5000 km from Britain) that reversed that idea and proved Britain was able to defend her overseas territories and or colonies.
Many people think we are scared, those are the people I like to call wrong! The ACP has been in worse situations before and we are never scared of a challenge!

You may not care in what I just said but remember there are big rewards in coming! Just be confident in you and your abilities and we will surely win!

So please try to come when the times are up so we can beat the Ninjas and win the legends cup!


ACP Retirement of Jet Nugget

This is the retirement of great soldier and friend Jet Nugget. He is an ACP Legend and has retired (or sorta did before) but I guess this is for real this time. We will miss you Jet! Great soldier, friend, and leader you are!

Hello ACP! Hopefully you all know me, and if not, my name is Jet. I joined ACP on October 23rd, 2006. I have gone through many name changes since then. My dream was to be the ACP leader, though I believe being an ACP member for this amount of time is equal. I have retired 2 times before, and have come back… though this time will be my last. I have had a great time in ACP since the beginning. I’ll get straight to the thanks:

Bob: You inspired me to keep going after my last retirement. Great friend, you are.

Slider: Your Namecolors are epic. Nice to have you around chat.

Nosey: I still have the picture of you with your chocolate bunny suit on!

Freddy: You are one hilarious guy. Thanks for the cheering up. ROLF

Keys: LOL

Hatt: Hatt, you are hilarious. We should hang out sometime.

Bread(nono): I didn’t know you were bread until a few months ago!

Red: Your are inappropriately funny on chat! Good man!

Toto: I remember when you joined. Keep climbing those ranks!

Stev: I always thought you were “steve” but forgot the last “e”.

Toe & KG: Both of you are equals. Always funny on chat, and kept us going.

Fort: Oh boy, this guy…. nah just joking Fort! Nice to see you around, your a great friend!

Shab: N/A                          Just kidding. Great leadership you had there!

Boomer: You remember that pic you have that has “oops wrong PC”? lol!

Aero Master: Amazing friend, wish you never retired!

Ducky: Oh man, you are one awesome person! (and you leadership is pretty great too!)

Peg: Funny… funny.. funny..

Austin: Thanks for all your help.

Buck: [Insert epic emotional speech here]

Bfan: …lol last but not least! Your just… quiet. Good to have you around!

Bunker: That purple nameglow you’ve got is so 1800’s.

Mch: Ive got some funny pics with you in them!

Oagal: Hope you get rid of that alzheimers you got. Oh, boomer does too. Remember Boomer? Nah just kidding. Good leadership, I obviously wouldn’t be here without you!

For those that are not here, I sincerely mean this: Your all great people, and talk more on chat! ACP is your army, and you make up the majority. Thank all of you for joining.

Now this is my last time in ACP. I feel excited but almost sad at the same time. Ill visit here and there. Well, Jet signing off.

– Jet (06-11)


I need to make a choice that I, myself, can’t make. I need to decide between marrying my 2nd and current wife Supperz or marrying my first, and also current wife Foxtails who I am currently married to on facebook.

So, I am asking for you all to help me decide. The poll will be open until Weds.


CPAC Legends Cup Round 3

Hello ACP,

We have done really well so far lets keep it up! We have another tournament battle this time against the DCP! Lets show what we can really do by getting 35+ on Club Penguin! The times are below!

Army of Club Penguin (1) vs Doritos (15)

Date: Wednesday, June 29th

Time: 12:00 noon PM PST (Pacific)

1:00 PM Mountain
2:00 PM Central
3:00 PM Eastern
7:00 PM GMT
8:00 PM BST

Server: Klondike

Room: Dock

Remember there battles will count a lot for promotions so try hard to come!

Comment if you can make it!