Bimestrial War || CfC

Waddup ACP,

Hey again soldiers.  I’m back! [well I was never really gone.]  I just gathered up the bravery to start posting again.

Bimestrial.  It’s a synonym for the word ‘long.’  Yet again we find ourselves face to face with the army of Nachos.  It’s no question that both of our historic armies are a close match and have had many close battles in our timeline.  We must ask ourselves the question: how do we win?  This war has already proven that it is very undecidable of who has the favor of winning and being victorious.  To win we must be backbone strong and strike fast.  On Monday, July 25th the first battle will be held against the Nachos!  Until then we must have constant raids on the Nachos servers all day.  Nachos will also raid our servers from time to time, so we must have a good amount of troops on our servers at all times.  Click HERE to keep track of your patrol recordings.  I personally can’t wait to see the old rivalry of green and orange clash once again 😀  It’s been some time now.  July 25th is a big day for us; we must have the first win to get this war in our favor.  For reasons unknown the Nachos have declared war on ACP, NW, and the UMA yet soon we will show them not to mess with the might of this wonderous army.  A prime key to winning this war is having fun!  A fun war is a great war.  We’re going to give them a run for their money that’s for sure.  We will definitely have an advantage with our great soldiers and leaders.  Right now we have been losing sight of our number one spot in the top ten.  Many armies [mostly the top five] have all been very close together in size recently.  The post for the event will be up for a very long time.  I humbly expect a good 50+ soldiers at this tremendous battle.  Promotions are sooner than you think, people, and we are fighting for our little penguin glory here!  We have worked very, very hard these past weeks and they have been paying off.  Eric aka Boomer is always watching<3  Let’s make him feel very proud of us.  We definitely have got the right stuff to beat the Nachos.  We have beaten them before so why not do it again, and again.  Soon we might have the beloved Ice Warriors on our side to help us in this fun war.  The ‘Bimestrial’ war is in effect and forever will be.  So lets start this off with a bang and show the Nachos that this rivalry will not stop until we have on true victory, us.



lolwut.  CfC?  Clash for Control?  It’s a new tournament that ‘Club Penguin Army Central’ has put together.  Each army in the tournament has been granted three servers to protect with their lives.  Our three servers are: Northern Lights, Crystal, and Summit.  As of now I do not know any armies that are invading the three servers.  I need all of ACP to be watching other army sites so we can have a heads up on when we are being “invaded.”  Again I ask for people to watch all opposing army sites for any news about us being invaded.  To check the participating armies in this tournament click HERE.  The CfC lasts for two weeks-ending August 1st- so I suggest we quickly act fast and invade armies quick.  ACP owner ranks should ‘private chat’ me for my idea.   I promise that we will hold invasion[s] soon so we can bring home another victory from a CPAC tournament!


Thus I end my post with a conclusion.  Over all message of this post- we’ll win 😆  Remember to comment on ALL of our important posts:

Recruiting Week2

And so I say good-bye until next time.  I end this post with over six hundred words and one extremely epic picture -smirk-  You ain’t got nothing on me, Redd.  Ohhh by the way remember to have fun and join some rogues on Mammoth.  You might make a new friend and get a new recruit to join!

With love,

мιѕтєя ι-ѕєє

[Icey Cold27]

11 Responses

  1. 1ST!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! SECOND TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3rd

  4. Let me just clarify that these are “battles” not invasions.


  6. Sixth!!!!!!!!!

  7. KINGDOM HEARTS. THAT SCORES MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THAT POST xD. well except for the battles i guess -.-

  8. eighth

  9. Well what do you know, im the owner of Crystal!

    ~Bird Pingu

  10. wait so let me get this straight WE ARE NOT ALLIES WITH NACHOS!? with no disrespect nachos are the second biggest army on cp if we are not allies with them

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