Mammoth Patrol! [TODAY!]

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SERVER: Mammoth

DATE: Saturday, 1st October.

TIME: 11:00am Penguin Standard Time

2:00pm Eastern (EST)
1:00pm Central (CST)
12:00pm Mountain (MST)
11:00am Pacific (PST)
7:00pm UK (GMT)
9:00pm Australia (IDK)

SERVER: Mammoth

ARMIES: ACP Vs Anyone!


Hey ACP!

After our awesome chat rally, I went about scheduling another event for us with less than 24 hours notice, I want to see how well we can do! This will be a simple patrol of Mammoth, fighting any other army that decides to show up, for fun.

Mammoth is ACP’s server, but we allow allies on, and we are asking you to come join us in a fun PB/Free for all battle. If no-one shows up, simple patrolling and some good fun later with sled racing, find 4 and other games!

In this event, it is essential you listen to the leader’s orders, and that you follow their every command. If you can do that, we don’t need to hush chat and shout at you to do the orders, you do what your best, and we’ll do our best!

It’s the beginning of October, and we want to hit it off with a bang. We know it’s only 24 hours notice, but we still expect at least 30 soldiers there! We have a rest from the CPAC Scary showdown for now, but next week we will be facing the Night Warriors in round 2.

Now that the first initial shock of School is over, October should be the month to excel. Get ready..


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P.S this is our 3085th post! (I have no idea if it matters :lol:)

~The ACP Leadership

Funny Stuff (you know, for the lulz)

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Alright then bishes… err I mean friends or umm… uhh.. THERE’S A GIANT BEAR BEHIND YOU . Yeah, that probably distracted you from all those things I said about you behind your back while you were looking for that Bear that was behind you. I bet your confused now, right?

Yeeeahhhh, so I’ve got some funny search terms and some funny pics here for you lovable idio- I mean awesome people  to look at and stare directly into that UV light of a computer screen to see.

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ACP Promotions!

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Happy Birthday ACP, 5 years old!

Results of the Chat Rally

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ACP – A History

And get ready for Oagal’s big surprise over the weekend!

Hey ACP,

Another busy month, don’t you think? We have had our 5th anniversery, been knocked off first position twice, but got it back both times, and amongst it all on our way to the final of another CPAC tournament. Not bad eh?

If you think you do, fill out this form, regardless of your rank. (I’m going to put my details as an example):

Name: Flipper7706

Rank: Supreme Commander

Why should you be promoted: I have made most of the battles I can make (Being GMT) and I have been on chat for over 4 hours a day!

Because of all our celebrations and the wars going on, we are really sorry but promotions will be delayed to October 2nd/3rd, that’s when they will hopefully be released. Sorry! You have around 2 days to comment why YOU deserve a promotion. The Party CSS will be taken down shortly, for now enjoy the weekend!


Five Years

On this very day five years ago, a new era had begun. Not the Oagalthorpian Golden Ages or the Boomer Era; no, something much greater. Five years ago to this day the Army Era began its sweep across Club Penguin culture . . .
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Chat Rally: Great Success!

Fifth Anniversary Post

Offical Birthday Post

Hai dere!

Today was our chat rally to celebrate ACP‘s fifth anniversary (wow.)  It was a tremendous success.  ACP chat was on the top five of the popular list the whole time.  Towards the middle of the big rally up ACP chat hit third biggest chat!  I bet we earned a lot of recruits from that.  From what I saw everyone was having a blast, especially the winners of the give aways.  I’m really glad everyone had a ton of fun.  To be honest, I think this might have to be one of our best chat rallies ever.  Slider gave out his powers, remember to say thank you, and a ton of people won.  After Slider was done Kenneth took his turn to give out moderator ranks and owner ranks.  And lastly, as a surprise, Buck surprised everyone and started doing a contest as well! 

During the event we had a big fifty-three as our maximum numbers of soldiers, and forty-three as our lowest.  So we averaged in about forty-seven soldiers for the whole hour.  If we can do that on a chat, on a weekday, I’m sure that we are starting to grow once more and will soon get big numbers throughout this weekend (if we have any events scheduled.)  Some of us even went on CP and got around fifteen online just for dancing at the night club and being loners. :mrgreen:

I want all soldiers to remember that we are still in a tournament called- the “Scary Showdown.”  Remember to keep checking ACP site daily and regularly for updates on when our next battle is.  It’s getting spooky, ain’t it?  Right now it looks like we have a good chance of winning.  But we won’t be lazy and slack off!  We will keep on working hard and blow every other army off the island.  Or at least until we win this tournament.  Another site to keep updated for the “Scary Showdown” is CPAC.  Which reminds me…Halloween is only like thirty-one days away.

Today was the twenty-ninth and we party hard!  Luckily for the soldiers tomorrow is the thirtieth which means promotions are here, or at least will be soon.  I know a ton of you worked really hard this month.  Trust me when I say all of your worked has paid off.  It finally seems that we are back on track and moving on up.  I’m not exactly sure when promotions will be released but I do know that they have to be soon.  This whole week owners will be working on them so please stay patient and don’t beg for one on chat.  It’s really annoying and will end up getting you no promotion at all!

Now enough for all the chit-chat.  Lets get to those chat rally pictures!

The chat rally begins...

We hit one of our maximum sizes.

As you see everything went very well and we definitely sent a word to xat to watch out for us.

Congratulations.  You made it to the end of this post!  I apologize for my lack of posts recently.  WordPress is really…different with the formatting with my new laptop so I still haven’t figured everything out yet.  I know that is no excuse but it is what it is.  I apologize ahead of time if this posts formatting is weird.  This stupid laptop…  Anyway!  What a great way to end our fifth year anniversary.  I can’t wait for next year; I’m already excited!

With love,

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP’s Head General

Happy Birthday! (ACP; a History)

Flipper: This took me around 5 hours, boy I’m exhausted. I had to look through every post, etc. Keep it sticky for at least a day, please. Check out SLIDER’S RALLY, today!

Hey ACP!

Wow! Has it really been this long?

A simple penguin, a penguin with an ambition – Oagalthorp.

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Happy Official Five Year Old Birthday ACP!

Hello ACP,

I am proud to say today is the five year anniversary of when the Army of Club Penguin was created on Club Penguin by none other then Oagalthorp. This is my own personal Happy Birthday post on our 5th birthday to you the loyal and dedicated soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin.

We have been here for half a decade protecting justice and defending freedom. We have achieved many things during our time and we will achieve much more in the future as well. During my (Ken) and Flip’s leadership we have done lots of things like defend ACP from all threats, like the numerous alliances created to take us down, Invade Mammoth of the 2nd time and won huge wars with the Nachos and Ice Warriors as well as some smaller wars with armies like the Light Troops.

We have over 20 leaders over the last five years. We have achieved countless things that most I do not even remember. I myself have served ACP for over 13 leaderships and 10 different leaders. Here some good memories we had this year.

Boomer and Ken!

Sled Racing!

Four ACP Leaders And Tal In the Gift Shop

ACP Re-Claims Our Sacred Server of Mammoth For The Second Time

The Invasion of Fjord. We Took Down The Nacho Empire In Less Then A Week With Ken

End of the Year Tournament

What a feat we have done and accomplished this year. But the year is not entirely over yet and we still have much to do! As a celebration of our fifth anniversary of our founding, we will have prizes to give out!


To celebrate our 5th anniversary we will give out the follow to some lucky people,

1. Ownership To 1 Person for 24 hours

2. Ownership To 2 People for 3 hours

3. Mod To 2 People For 24 hours

4. Mod To 3 People For 5 Hours

Flip you can just edit the prizes or add more if you wish.

Without further adieu I present to you the ACP the cake I myself (Kenneth1000 ACP Leader) commissioned our graphics designer Pochoma to make

I Told Poch To Make It About As Long As The Rules List Under The Chat

Happy Birthday ~Kenneth1000

ACP 5th Anniversary Chat Rally


ACP’s 5th anniversary is TODAY! ACP has made it to yet another anniversary (as #1) our 5th year! So to celebrate 5 awesome years of ACP, we’re going to be holding a chat rally on ACP chat! We’re also gonna be partying in the night club on Breeze, so come and join us! Below are the times, lets make this, a day to remember! Lots of giveaways to come! Be there!

Chat Rally

Thursday, September 29th

6:00 PM EST

5:00 PM CST

4:00 PM MST

3:00 PM PST

11:00 PM GMT (Sorry….)

We have xats, powers, temp-mod, and even temp-owner to give away! [Abusing of temp mod or temp owner, will result in immediate de modding/ownering.] If you have no days, you will be given 1 day, better register!

You wont want to miss it! BE ON CHAT


Happy Birthday /// Servers /// Tactics

Hey ACP!

Credit to Jcm21

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