Cleansing of Frozen and Cloudy

Hello ACP,

We are going to cleanse Frozen and Tundra for 15 minutes each using. It is time to end all server disputes. Frozen was a server that was ceded to the ACP after the war with the Night Warriors in March and Cloudy was a server given to us by the Nachos in the Treaty of Fjord. These are ACP servers and we will not give up our territory so easily without a fight. These are solely ACP servers they belong to us and no one else. They won’t take long 😀

SERVER: Frozen/Cloudy (Each for 15 minutes)

DATE: Sunday, 2nd October, 2011


2:00pm Eastern (EST)
1:00pm Central (CST)
12:00pm Mountain (MST)
11:00am Pacific (PST)
7:00pm UK (GMT)

SERVER: Frozen/Cloudy (Each for 15 minutes)


There will be higher chances of promotion for those who did not immediately get a promotion! So this is the last chance to show you are active!

Comment if you can make it!

~Kenneth1000 ACP Leader

Lets Hear Them Ideas!

Hello ACP,

It’s come to alo’t of people’s attention that, well soldiers need to be heard, they have some good ideas and why not listen?  So I though, why not take suggestions right straight forward from the soliders. If it seems insane or a little more to earth, We want to hear it! Ideas are how an army improves and our soldiers are bright, you just need a little motivation! So get commenting and show us what you got.

Tell Us Your Ideas In A Comment!

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Mammoth Mauling!

Hey ACP!

Today’s Mammoth patrol was a success! We started off a bit slowly, getting around 2-25 on CP, but soon we were up to 30-35, which is BRILLIANT for only a day’s notice. We encountered one little army in the town, but that was it. We went from room to room, it turned into an awesome tactics session.

So, was is a Mammoth Mauling?

Pre-Event [18:45-19:00 GMT]:

A bit late in this picture, but you can see we have around 25-30 on CP.

Snow Forts [19:00 GMT]:

Our size is a bit better in the Snow Forts, and we show how angry we are that no-one has showed up!

Plaza [19:15 GMT]

A bit late in this picture again, but you can clearly see around 30 green soldiers in the Plaza!

Dock [19:20 GMT]:

Here our size improved further, making a wavy line across the coast of the dock, we spit into the ocean, ACP will always be in the ocean’s of Mammoth.

Town [19:25 GMT]:

After reports that there was an army brewing up in the Town, we bombed them to see only 2 blue soldiers. We made a line, and I took a still image to show our size.

Beach [19:30 GMT]:

After making a little ‘Clump’ in the barn at the top, we bombed the Beach with Clovers!

Migrator [19:35 GMT]:

Come on Rockhopper, turn green!

Icey Cold27’s pictures:

This event was worth 10% of a promotion increase, and I think we did awesome with only 1 day notice! Don’t forget to check out our OTHER POSTS, and our next events tomorrow, the cleansing of Cloudy and Frozen.

Comment if you made it for an increase in promotions chances!

Great job today.