ACP September 2011 Promotions


Victory on Frozen and Cloudy!

Hello ACP!

Sorry that this month promotions were delayed, as we were very busy for our anniversary! So, what’s been happening this month?

  • Declared war on the Golden Troops and won the war!
  • Started our mission to win the CPA Central Scary Showdown.
  • Been knocked off our top spot twice this month, but got back both times!
  • Celebrated ACP being 5 years old, wow!
So, have you attended lots of events, and do you, most importantly, deserve a promotion? We gave you two days to post your comment to prove you deserved a promotion, and we have promoted the soldiers who, we feel, have done their best this month.

But, as always, the leaders aren’t perfect! If you think we may have missed you out this month, and you genuinely feel you deserve a promotion, then fill out this form:



Why do you feel you were unfairly denied a promotion/unfairly demoted?

Now, are you ready?

September Promotions, 2011.

Promoted by the Leaders (Mostly promoted by Ken, and dozens more promoted by Flip)  Introduction Written by Flipper7706 and Posted and Reviewed by Kenneth1000.

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Welcome These New, Well Old Servers!

Hey ACP!

We did awesome today in the half an hour we had. We got 35 and 40 was our max! The IW and or Nachos and whoever thinks they own Frozen and Cloudy, better drop these servers from their server pages because the ACP are now the un-disputed legitimate owners of Frozen and Cloudy! We first started off at the Town on Frozen with about 30 people but as we got to the Snow Forts that soon turned into 38-40 people. Then after half half an hour we went on Cloudy with around the same numbers. We did great for two days notice! Promotions will be released shortly after. Flip, Mch, and I all got pictures. Mine’s are right below!

Credit to Agent223 for taking this picture!

Early on the event on Frozen

38-40 Troops! Lots of them are bunched on the left.


ACP, today we started off fairly slowly getting around 25 in the pre-battle, but we soon picked up and got around 40 soldiers as a maximum! We averaged around 30, here are the pictures!

Frozen: A kind of still image, showing ACP with around 35 soldiers.

Frozen: 😀 I think this picture shows around 40, if you look very carefully.

Cloudy: Moving to Cloudy we do lose a bit of size, but we don’t let that distract us!

Cloudy: We get into a horizontal line, and puke! 😆

Great job today ACP, we showed we are still the number one army and a force to be reckoned with. Remember, this was only 48 hours notice, so I still think it’s a job well done!

-Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706

ACPTR: Open For Business

Hello ACP,

Staff have also been chosen!


ACPTR is now officially open(a day early)! ACPTR has been closed and re opened multiple times, but this one is hopefully for good. If you’re the ranks of corporal-2nd lieutenant enroll in ACPTR HERE. ACPTR is a division devoted to teaching and preparing new soldiers, giving them knowledge to keep excelling in their ACP career. It’s actually highly recommended you do join ACP if you’re in the rank requirements. Ken(ACP leader), and I graduated from ACPTR as A+ cadets, look where we are now! After joining ACPTR, read the site and check for new posts often. Classes will be held here: You will be training for 1 month, and at the end of the month depending on how many medals you have (medals are explained below) you get a promotion!

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CPAC Scary Showdown! [Round 2]

Everyone Must Comment!

SERVER: Mammoth

DATE: Saturday, 8th October.

TIME: 11:00am Penguin Standard Time

2:00pm Eastern (EST)
1:00pm Central (CST)
12:00pm Mountain (MST)
11:00am Pacific (PST)
7:00pm UK (GMT)
9:00pm Australia (IDK)

SERVER: Klondike

ARMIES: ACP Vs Night Warriors


Hey ACP!

In the first round of the CPAC Scary Showdown, we faced the Spartans and own in less than 5 minutes! Now, we face a bigger challenge, an old enemy, an old foe, the Night Warriors of Club Penguin.

With their site recently hacked/blanked, the odds are looking good for us, but we cannot be cocky, I’m sure this will be quite hard. After our weekend events where we did awesome, I am expecting around 40 soldiers on the 7th, as we will have a weeks notice for this one!

Come on ACP, let’s make this a good one!