What You Need To Know For The Scary Showdown?

 Slider: Ken, what about the ACP chat widget thing.

Ken: I myself  have updated the ACPTR side widgets!

Hey ACP!

We will be facing the Night Warriors on Saturday, the 8th of October. Since we have a week of preparation we should not have too much of a problem of getting 40+ 😀

Here are some things you should know. For starters, a lot of them look like this or dressed in all black.

Member NW Uniform

Now you might have remembered we have fought the Night Warriors in World War V this year and we were kinda responsible for their fall but Tomb and I have become friends (I think…) this is just a friendly battle between two armies. But we are sure going to fight as hard as we can to win friend or not!

I know I have posted some of these tips not too long ago but it helps to do it again so you can get it stuck in your minds! 😆

Tips For The Battle

1. Don’t talk too much except for repeating orders, warning us of an attack etc.

2. Be on Club Penguin and ACP Chat ( At the same time of course)

3. Listen To Ken And Flip Or Whoever Is Leading

4. Do Not Listen To People On Club Penguin Telling You To Go Somewhere Unless The Entire ACP Says So


6. Spread Out In Line And Throw Snowballs and Recruit When No Orders Are Given 

Wear Our Uniform

Remember to wear our uniform at the battle! It’s better to have it already on so you do not have to take the time to put it on during the battle.

For Non-Members!

For Members!

Now do not be freaking out if you do not have the exact thing, just wear as close to it as possible with what you have.

The Enemy Tactics

You didn’t think I was just going to let you run and lollygag on the battlefield just like that did you? Well you got to know what you will expect from the enemy forces. The enemy will most likely do the following tactics,

The above image is Copyright 2010© by the Night Warriors of Club Penguin. All rights reserved. http://www.nwarmy.com/

Our leaders know the good if not the best ways of countering those tactics shown above, so you troops better listen hard and pay your utmost attention to the leaders! But remember the Night Warriors can do different tactics as well so do not just expect them to only do those tactics shown above. Remember to expect the unexpected!

The Times And Places

Remember the times well!

DATE: Saturday, 8th October.

TIME: 11:00am Penguin Standard Time

2:00pm Eastern (EST)
1:00pm Central (CST)
12:00pm Mountain (MST)
11:00am Pacific (PST)
7:00pm UK (GMT)
9:00pm Australia

SERVER: Klondike

ARMIES: ACP Vs Night Warriors


Good Luck ACP (And NW) Read and study this post well you have a couple of days before the Scary Showdown