Pink Penguins Rejoice; PR is Gone

The ACP help page is open yet again! HERE

Many of you may remember the threat to Club Penguin and CP Armies security over the summer, the Purple Republic. Well I am honored to announce that the group of trolls from Brazil have come to an end. Yesterday Kazuma, their steam page coordinator deleted all the members from the group, and made a post on their steam group.

You can see the Steam group page here: (Travel at own risk, site is not rated PG-13.)

Inside the group description is a link to a .wav file with Kazuma talking.

It is 100% virus free, so feel free to download an have a listen. (For those that are as paranoid as me, here’s a report: Kazuma.wav Virus Report)

And if you don’t know who the Purple Republic are, they are a group of trolls from Brazil that assembled together and played around on Club Penguin, raiding servers and such, “having fun”. They hated pink penguins for some reason unknown, and could be seen as purple with a miner helmet and a jackhammer. CP constantly banned these penguins, since they tended to break their rules for a while. They were known for flooding chats and websites with comment like “u cring?” and “We manager now.”

As for the future of PR, I believe they may change their name to the Sandvich Republic and move to Team Fortress 2. Never underestimate a team of Heavies with sandviches. I’m sure Kazuma is already working on the legwork for this, just see how many hours he’s been playing TF2.

Purple Pride Server Wide.


First! //// Halloween Party! /// SoTM /// Battle Reminder

Hey ACP,

Following the recent Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC) top 10, ACP are still ahead in first place, but now we have a new rival who is coming out of the shadows, the Light Troops!

Recently we have had a rocky road in the top 10, and we have been knocked off our top spot at least 2 times in the past couple of months, but now we are starting to pull away from the rest. The Light Troops took a strong second, with our allies Ice Warriors taking 3rd, one place lower then last week. So, who filled the other 8 spots?

1. Army of Club Penguin [ACP]

2. Light Troops [LT]

3. Ice Warriors [IW]

4. Nachos

5. Dark Warriors [DW]

6. Underground Mafias Army [UMA]

7. Global Defenders [GD]

8. Specialist Weapons and Tactics Team [SWAT]

9. Army Republic [AR]

10. Ninja Freedom Force [NFF]

So, that’s the top 10! Congratulations to all the other armies that filled out the top 10 spots, and and extra good luck to our allies. With the CPAC Scary Showdown approaching, the top 10 is surely to shuffle up again as upsets continue throughout the tournament.

This weekend we face the Night Warriors of Club Penguin in the CPACSS, although they are ranked 30th, we will try our hardest to make it through to the 3rd round, getting ever closer to that final where we hope ACP is sure to win!

Halloween is fast approaching, and ACP is getting ready to be kitted out for the event! Our new graphics designer, Pochoma123, will be making graphics around the site to make ACP look like, well, pure awesome.

Of course as always, we will be hosting a funky party, for you to kit out in the best spooky costume you have, with xats/days/powers given out for prizes, as there will be these categories to win:

  • Best-Dressed – The Leaders/Owners will be searching throughout the party for who has the best halloween costume.
  • Best Igloo – Can you spook us out with your igloo? Decorate it with the scariest things you can find, and we will judge which is the best!
  • A Halloween themed quiz – A quiz to do with CP Armies, and halloween, to be hosted by the owners and done on chat!
  • Best Halloween Picture/Doodle – A time to show off your artistic skills! Hand-draw a halloween picture, or even justc reate a funky doodle on ACP Chat  – Take a pictures and upload it and show the leaders to take part.
  • And many many more!

So, get ready for the ACP Halloween party!

It’s that time of the month, it’s the Soldier of the Month! October has been a very busy month, and there have been a couple of soldiers that have stood out.. To name a few, are:

  • Roupi 1
  • Mahophon
  • Megamoney6
  • Empoleon7667
  • Serverman101

These soldiers have done extremely well this month, but there was one soldier who stood out in particular..

Congratulations Kimmo09! You will be modded for a week for your effort this month, the only condition is not to abuse your new powers. So, if any owner finds him, make him a moderator! He deserves it.

Yes, the CPACSS R2 is getting closer, check out BATTLE TIPS/WHAT TO DO, and this is basically a reminder of the upcoming event!

DATE: Saturday, 8th October.

TIME: 11:00am Penguin Standard Time

2:00pm Eastern (EST)
1:00pm Central (CST)
12:00pm Mountain (MST)
11:00am Pacific (PST)
7:00pm UK (GMT)
9:00pm Australia

SERVER: Klondike

ARMIES: ACP Vs Night Warriors


Get ready!