Guide To CP Photography//To Lighten The Mood//Ken’s Halloween Events

Hello ACP,

In case some newer troops don’t know how to take pictures, I will personally teach them 😀

Let me introduce by telling you all how important pictures are. Pictures are pretty much the only proof these days that the ACP won a battle. So think about it, even if we won, there is no proof we did unless the enemy admits they lost or unless the enemy took pics themselves to show their own troops for whatever reason. That is why we need pictures as evidence! Since the leaders are usually busy leading they may not always have enough pictures or may not even get any! So this is why everyone needs to know how to take  pictures. Well taking pictures is fairly easy I will show you in a couple of steps for the PC ( I might do Mac next time).

Step Number 1. 

Go to the screen were you want to take the picture (Club Penguin screen in this case)

Step Number 2. 

Press the Print Screen button!

Step Number 3.

Go find Microsoft Paint by typing it in the search bar after you press the Start button normally on your bottom left hand corner. If you have already found paint on your desktop skip to the next step.

Step Number 4.

Double click  the Paint icon. Once is opens click edit and then click paste. Or you can press Ctrl + V on they keyboard. (Remember to press Ctrl and V at the same time)

Step Number 5.

Now press Ctrl + S which is the shortcut to saving your picture so you can upload it on to Photobucket or Tinypic! You can comment your with your pictures on the victory post or PC me with some of them and I will probably add them on to the post I am making with credits to you for the picture. I suggested you take only 1-2 pictures.

Fails of the Week/To Lighten Up The Mood

I once used to to a Fail of the Week but I would do them like once a month because there was many important posts to read so I included it in this post.

epic fail photos - That's One Way To Remember It FAIL

epic fail photos - Swing and a FAIL

epic fail photos - Fresh Ingredients FAIL

I hope you enjoyed the laugh!

Ken’s Halloween Event/Prizes

(Much credit goes to Caitlyn on this idea) On Sunday or maybe Saturday since I know a lot of you probably will be trick or treating or something, we will have a Tactics Session! But with a special twist! Now a lot of you are going to be like what the heck are you talking about Ken 😕 Well we will be practicing Tactics in our Halloween costumes! Plus at the end I will give out 2 temp mods for 2 hours. But wait there is more!I will be having my own contest and the prizes are

  • 2 Owners for 3 Hours
  • 1 Mods for 24 Hours
  • 2 Mods for 5 Hours
  • 2 Mods for 1 Hour

Comment if you enjoyed the post!


Halloween Party Events! [Part 1]

New ranks page

Hey ACP!

With the CPAC Scary Showdown fast approaching, we have been working very hard to get ready. But we need to just relax and party for a bit, so I’m going to go into more detail about the Halloween party that is fast approaching.

Halloween being on a monday this year, we will be hosting the party the weekend before, so everyone can attend! It will be hosted on both days, each event being around an hour long if everything goes according to plan.

I briefly mentioned in my last post what we will be doing in the halloween contest, but here we will go into more detail.

Best Halloween Igloo:

It’s as simple as it sounds, if you are a member you can decorate your igloo with the scariest things you can find, to impress the leaders/owners as they go round judging each igloo. hat we are looking for is:

  • A halloween theme!
  • Originality, don’t copy anyone else.
  • Your best effort!

To take part you can either take a picture and upload it to photbucket/lightshot/tinypic and show us in a link to a comment, or come to the actual event so we can inspect your house in person. (It is probably the better option if you show up!). The prize for this event is 750-1000 xats.

A little example is my igloo in the making!

[Click for full size]

Best Halloween Costume:

The best halloween costume is a fairly easy competition, and available to anyone! You can take part even if you are a member or a non member, again this time we aren’t going to pick ‘the best’ but more like the most creative one, the one with the best ideas, other things that we will look for are:

  • Colour Co-ordination, does the outfit actually work?
  • Again, originality.
  • Just a fun, funky costume!

Again, to take part you can either take a picture or login to Club Penguin and let the leaders ‘examine’ your outfit, it’s easy and simple! The prize for this competition will be in the region of 500-1,000 xats.

And here’s another example made by me:

Best Halloween Picture/Doodle:

This one is fairly complicated. You will be required to make a halloween picture, either on photoshop/gimp, maybe even a hand drawn picture based on halloween, or if your not ver good at any of those, a funky doodle on ACP chat will be enough! 😆 We will be looking for:

  • Again, one of the main topics: Originality.
  • Not the best one, but the most creative.
  • Anything to do with halloween!

The prize for this event will be 750-1000 xats, and you can either take a picture of your hand drawn photo and upload it to photobucket/ligthshot/tinypic, save your graphic and upload it to an uploading site, or take a screen shot of your doodle and upload that! It’s simple when you know how.

Not the best example:

CP Armies Halloween Quiz:

This contest will be a simple quiz probably hosted on the Sunday, mainly about Club Penguin and Club Penguin armies, with questions about the actually halloween event as well. It will be a variety of questions, from items in CP to wars and armies in Club Penguin. Simple, huh?

It’s still not confirmed how the layout will be made, but it will probably start off with a 1 vs 1 format at the start, with whoever winning staying on to play the next person. The leaders/owners will be the ‘presenters’ doing the questions, etc.

The winner will receive 750-1000 xats, and the runner up will receive 250-500 xats, the other semi-finalists will have 100 xats as their prize.


What else?

Well, there we described 4 events for the Halloween party, but we are still in need of a couple more events, so what do you think we should do for the halloween party? If you have an idea, comment with this form!



What should we do for a Halloween Event:

It’s as simple as that!

Comment with your opinion and views, but don’t forget to check out:

See you on the battlefield,