Hey ACP!

I’m not sure if this is even worthy of a post, but we won the CPAC Scary Showdown Second Round! We were going to face the Night Warriors, but when we logged onto Club Penguin at around 10:45 AM PST, Funks (The Judge) came onto our chat with this announcement:

So, ACP win in a minus fifteen minute win, new record I think? 😆 It later turned out we are going to face Underground Mafias Army in the 3rd round, but we decided not to make waste of the event, so we turned it into a mini ‘uLead’. We said to the soldiers you can logon if you want to, but if you don’t want to it’s fine!

So, what happened at the uLead? Well the results we’re pretty positive, maxing around 35 soldiers.

So, did you enjoy these events? We had to move to the town soon after because of the next CPACSS battle, but overall today was pretty cool! Information about ACP against UMA will be published as soon as possible.

Ken: Great job today ACP! Stay tuned for more posts! Here is a picture I taken!

Comment if you made it!

Also, get ready for some war..

-Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000

31 Responses

  1. 1st and I was there

  2. I was there 4th

  3. 4th


  5. I made it! Epic win of a battle. xD

  6. i Was there it was One Epic Battle! ~Google

  7. I lead 1/4 of it XD


  9. i made it


  11. Made it and war…? :O


  13. I was there…. 3 minutes after it started, but we already won 😆

  14. we need to add tanks to the uniform we ROCKED them with the tanks when they had 15 troops
    note:with tanks AND horns you can cover up a whole solider

  15. ps i made it and i have a picture /Users/Carson/Desktop/Picture 19.png

  16. sorry for the picture not working (that wasent meant to happen) :l

  17. I came late

  18. I DID!!!!

  19. Didn’t make it because of Chess 😥 . Why does this always happen?

  20. yessss i was THERE YO!

  21. Nice i wasnt able to make it.

  22. I couldn’t make it because I had homework and stuff. 😦

  23. Coundlnt make it, at grandparents. 😦

  24. i made it

  25. Sorry I couldn’t make it, was busy.

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