Declaration Of War On The Light Troops


Hello ACP,

The Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin have been recently pretty hostile to each other ever since they got number 2 in the Top 10. The LT has stated they will do whatever it takes to beat the ACP who is currently ranked as the number one army according to CPAC. They also imply they want to challenge us by as the LT leader says,

As the LT leader, i promise to bring this army to something that no one ever accomplished before.

Take ACP’s spot and hold it, for atleast 1 month.

Although the CPAC opinion does not really matter to Flip or I (since we will always be the number one army). I am pretty sure most of you troops would not even want the CPAC to doubt ACP’s true position as the number one army in Club Penguin. The ACP honestly does not even really need a reason to declare war. You want to know why? It’s because it’s CP Armies! Armies are supposed to fight one another. That is what we are made for.

The Light Troops think they will win, but what makes them think they can beat an army that beat numerous armies of alliances like The Retaliation, The Black Alliance, and numerous others throughout ACP history? The LT also goes to say on the CPAC site, leading an army like ACP is easy when it is a pretty stressful thing to do if you ask any retired ACP leader.

They think right now they are the hardest working army when the ACP is in fact the hardest working army. It is not an easy thing to maintain the number one spot for all these years. The ACP is the only army to do it. They will not overtake ACP and certainly will not keep dominating us for a month. As long as we have the loyal troops that follow orders we are unstoppable.

The ACP will unleash our fury on them. We have beaten the LT in the past and we shall do it again. By the time we are done with them they will be lucky if they are still mentioned in CPAC posts. Remember when we crippled the Nachos and took half if not three quarters of their servers? Remember when the ACP basically knocked GT out of  the Top 10 and disabled the SWAT for about two weeks? That is what we are capable of. But we can never do it without the soldiers, officers, the leaders and the rest. We are strong and united together.

Everyone must be alert and patrol servers more often. Being an ACP soldier means having determination, bravery, intelligence and courage among the many good qualities in your blood. Together we will stand to crush and defeat the Light Troops.

Bring it on.

Written by Kenneth1000 and The Great Pictures By Flipper7706

30 Responses

  1. we will crush them. ACP is no.1, thats why!

  2. Ive been waiting for a war. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. >:D

  3. war eh this could be fun

  4. i am on a secret mission acp.

  5. Why do you want to destroy every single army you can.

  6. Seriously, why do you have to ruin cp warfare?

    • Edd, we don’t destroy, armies were created to have wars, when we see a challenge we take it.

    • Oh just because we are big it means we can’t declare war on everyone else? That’s like saying America/Russia/China can’t declare war on anyone else because they have a strong military. Besides LT are ranked number two.

    • They don’t ruin warfare; everybody is just too incompetent and stupid to do something about it. Well, it also has to do with the popularity of the name “ACP.” Unorganized warfare used to have cycles of rising and falling armies, and I don’t believe it’s all ACP’s fault that they ruin that cycle.

      If people really cared, army leaders wouldn’t let ACP’s manipulative leaders talk them out of war to destroy ACP. ACP’s primary concern is power, and because they’re the only ones who have really had it, no one else realizes how much it’s worth to fight for.

  7. Well this could be fun >:D We shall crush them 😀

  8. same thing carcal this i gonna be intense

  9. Hehehe nice pics Flip.

  10. No offence to Lt they did bad against Bw so they have a less chance of winning. And btw acp will win anyways

  11. Hey S Cargo I remember you form swat you have a high in rank in swat why would you want to be in ACP?

  12. The only reason why ACP will “forever be the number one army” is because of the name.

  13. Oh by the way thanks for promoting me Ken

  14. Heck no we ain’t losing #1 again.If they want a challenge then lets go with da flow…

  15. Great speech. We will beat LT no matter what because ACP is #1, not #2, 3, 4 and so on but #1! The Official Army of Club Penguin will be on top all the way. I’ll try to be more active 24/7 and ACP will have a tremendous victory in the end. Who’s with me?

  16. I’m like the only guy who didn’t say anything about wanting ACP to stay in the #1 posistion. All I had to say was, “Hi” To a friend… Anyways, There’s no way ACP can lose.

  17. ACP will win.

  18. BRING IT LT!

  19. FINALLY! LT has been a real nuisance lately.

  20. Finally they’re enemies of ACP, I’ve been waiting for this day for like, since I joined cp armies.

  21. Green is in my blood!!!!

  22. Inb4 we won…

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