The end is.. now?

Edit: The war is not confirmed to be finished, so still be prepared for defences tomorrow. The war has been confirmed as OVER.

Hey ACP!

After only a day of fighting, it seems ACP has already won the war against the Light Troops. How fast was that? As it stands, LT have surrendered the war according to one of their 3ic’s, I do not know that this is confirmed, but it seems legitimate.

After one battle and a pre-battle of another, it seemed that the Light Troops had surrendered the entire war.

But, this was by an LT 3ic. But after some more negotiating with the leader, 1A3T, we finally agreed on this:

In the end we gave them back their capital server, Ice box, in return for Summit, a better server for us and a server with a bit of sentimental value, an important server against the Night Warriors.

If you can’t read this because of the clashing background and text, I will explain it below.

The Light Troops surrendered the first battle at Ice Box, and since then their 3ic, Tylund1, had been negotiating with me in PC. I asked for 5 servers (6, including Summit)  in return for this war to be cancelled, however I did not agree to a ceasefire, so war can still be on. We gained 6 new servers in this war so far, they are:

  • Christmas
  • Ice Box
  • Migrator
  • Sled
  • Sumit
  • Wool Socks
  • Zipline

Welcome these servers to the ACP nation!  You may be noticing that now we have a lot of servers, and in the days coming we will give a lot out to smaller armies and allies, so we can become stronger with our friends.

You will also notice that they agreed to cancel all invasions on the D.R.A.C.P nation too, so that was another factor in our terms of agreement. Basically, this war has been pretty epic in many aspects. We have won after less than 2 hours, Gained 6 servers and defended our position at the ‘top’.

I call that a Success.

Comment with your thoughts on the war!


-3M Win! || Will Power

Hai dere!

Wow!  We successfully captured Wool Socks even before the event begain.  Flipper nor I didn’t even officially tell ACP to log on yet, and LT is already throwing their servers at us.  With that we still had a good 25+ people on the server in green.  The chat also managed to reach two pools.  Oh how great fun it was :mrgreen:  Seeing as LT surrendered before the battle could even start, we were only at the Town.  Not to mention that everyone there was in green, no big deal.  Look at the post above for more information on the war.  Keep up the amazing work, ACP.  We were born to make history.


I am full of promises locked inside.  I know every other week I am the one to promise to myself, “HEY! I’m going to be so active from now on.”  Have I fufillied it yet?  No.  Each passing week I’m super active the first week, then extremely inactive the next.  It’s like a tug-of-war with myself.  It’s obvious all the owners try to be active and want to be there for the best army.  I say to myself “Mchappy- you make all the events, so you should be fine.”  But the other side of me is saying that it’s not fine.  I’m just a soldier sleeping my days away, while you everyone is having fun and socializing at chat.  This post isn’t going to be about me, though.  This post is going to be about us.  Because their is no “me” in a team.  United we stand.

Now every time I’m on chat I always get at least three people asking for promotions.  It seems to me that the word “promise” comes after any setence with “promotion” in it.  I admire their dedication to work harder.  Soldiers need their promotions if they’re to keep the army in movement.  Could it be a little dogged?  At times, yes.  Trust me when I say I have promised myself so many things though promises usually set me up for failure.

The point of this post is to find a new word: willing.  A promise is something that you look forward to achieve, you try to achieve it.  I’m sure that all of us have kept promises to one another.  Though shall we keep promises to the army? or should we do stuff willingly to improve the army?  I know I’m not the best soldier, so to do that I am willing to step up myself and improve myself for the better sake of ACP.  We should all promise be willing to do what’s best for the army.  Even a personal goal that you are willing to do will help the army vastly.

As a promise we are indivudals, if you are willing we unite as one.  The current tournament we are in have some other armies that could be a challenge.  It’s time we unite as one and fight for the army and not as indivudals.  I’m not saying that we lack as a unit, but I’m saying we could always improve as one.  ACP is the best army there is.  We have gone through thick and thin.  This army is full of history, and a great history at that.  Let’s keep the legacy going and prove to everyone in this tournament that we still stand on top.

This army truly amazes me.  Definetly a true legacy!  The stronger we get, the more history we make, and in all we become a well known army on Club Penguin.  Let’s all be willing to win this tournament.  Let’s all be willing to kick some penguin booty.  Let’s all be willing to bond as one.  Meaning no fights on chat, recruiting on Club Penguin (listening to everyone)/it’s important to recruit because even though we have such a vast majority of active members in our army we need to get known by more penguins so that we can introduce armies to more penguins thus making the army community a huge percantage, and most importantly we should all stay active together.  We can and will win this tournament.  We can win this tournament, and we will do so.  We can get bigger and bigger untill the final where we will kick major butt.  Together we will unite as one and show that we aren’t just individual soldiers, but one big team.  Get ready, fellow armies, ACP is here to win!  It’s time for us to forget about these “eras” and look at ACP as one true era.  A huge legacy.

Let it begin.

/h/ead /g/eneral

One word, two syllables, one outcome.

Hey ACP!



With under 24 hours notice, we had decided to invade the Light Troops capital server, Ice Box. We logged on around 6:40 PM GMT, and we started off with steady sizes of 20-25, but throughout the pre-battle we rose to around 30-35, we started to do amazing.


A still image there of our size, just before the beginning of the battle.


But this is when we really turned it up. With sizes of 35-40 we started to form a circle, with excellent results, I lead the pre-battle and the battle.

A bit late on this picture, but we still show our tremendous sizes!

Here we did the E+9 angry emote, as we tried to scare LT away. 😆

Goodbye! We log off after this news…


We won! LT surrendered on ACP chat and in PC with me, and attempted to surrender the whole war. I am currently in negotiations with them, but here is proof!


LT asks for a treaty, but nothing has been agreed yet.

Basically, we owned today, and did EPIC! We had over 40 at one point, and generally did amazing. I am so proud, this was under 24 hours notice! Congratulations ACP, you earned this one.


Round 3.

SERVER: Klondike

DATE: Saturday, 15th October

TIME: 11:00pm Penguin Standard Time

2:00pm Eastern (EST)
1:00pm Central (CST)
12:00pm Mountain (MST)
11:00am Pacific (PST)
7:00pm UK (GMT)
5:00pm Australia (IDK)

SERVER: Klondike



Hey ACP!

The round 3 information has been posted, it’s going to be the Underground Mafias Army against us, the Army of Club Penguin. I’m going to keep this fairly short and simple, as the current war with LT is the main thing happening with ACP.

Round 3 is going to be against the 8th placed army in the top 10, so far we have had it easy with not even having to battle in our last two events, but I’m sure this one will be harder, against an established to top 10 army.

I hope you’ve noticed the Halloween CSS, comment on your thoughts with it!