Upcoming Events – Things to Look Forward to in the Future!

Howdy ACP,

Who is this posting? Who is this Bobcatboy10 guy? I have not posted for awhile and I won’t make excuses. I have heard a few rumors and things about me or Kenneth / Flipper / Mchappy though for the past month. Things have changed over time in the club penguin army world and ACP world. Just like how club penguin keeps changing (even though many people hate the changes), we change as well. This is a different ACP from a year ago when I was ACP leader with Mchappy (Iceycold 27) and Kenneth as my 2nd commands. Some us soldiers are use to it because we never saw the old ACP and some of us want to go back. ACP should stay looking forward instead of turning around and looking behind.

Now the real post is to inform all ACP soldiers and people who visit the website the events coming up for ACP. This is the month of October and winter is coming fast! Winter and Summer are the 2 busiest seasons for ACP I’d say and let’s not forget about recruiting more soldiers into ACP! The next events are:

CPAC Scary Showdown Round 3!

SERVER: Klondike

DATE: Saturday, 15th October

TIME: 11:00pm Penguin Standard Time

  • 2:00pm Eastern (EST)

  • 1:00pm Central (CST)

  • 12:00pm Mountain (MST)

  • 11:00am Pacific (PST)

  • 7:00pm UK (GMT)

  • 5:00pm Australia (IDK)


The full post is: http://armyofcp.com/2011/10/10/thanksgiving-cpacssr3/

ACP has survived the first 2 rounds of Club Penguin Army Central’s Scary Showdown so far! We next face UMA in the tournament and we are predicted to win this battle so lets prove those predictions right. The battlefield will be on klondike and ACP will meet in the town.


Halloween Party!

Coming soon is the ACP Halloween party! The times and date have not been planned yet. The party will take place during the awesome Halloween party on club penguin arrives! The Halloween Party is personally one of my favorite between Halloween and Christmas. I like the Halloween party because a storm always comes to the island around this time of year and it sets a scary mode on club penguin! Comment on what you think about the Halloween party!


Now about what is coming in the future for ACP! Pretty soon ACP will get new ideas that the leader’s and soldier’s have and put them into action. Some ideas are old things and some are brand new. This will only be tried to help this army get better and better on and off the battlefield! Right now I said earlier that we are in the month of October and only have 2 months to go until the new year 2012. Things such as councils could come back, stronger divisions, and maybe even a new type of warfare on club penguin.

Continue to keep figuring out new phrases on club penguin we can use as a weapon. If you find a great phrase that shows up on club penguin to everyone else, have an owner on ACP chat check it out. Moderator meetings might come to ACP in the future also. It won’t be a bad thing don’t worry. It will try to help you become a better leader and even soldier in the army! The top Generals right now are the future in this army so we need to make sure that they know how to role! More to come!

Over & Out 




ACP Army News!

Hey ACP,

What’s been happening in the army world? We have been at war that lasted an hour, and our allies and enemies have been busy working too, so, the nws, brought to you by ACP – ACP army news!

Army of Club Penguin [ACP] /// Leaders: Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000

  • Well, ACP have been very busy this week! At the beginning of the week ACP had the CPACSS, a tournament hosted by the Club Penguin Army Central. They won, and proceeded towards the third round, against the UMA.
  • Then, they had a short lived war against the Light Troops. They declared war against LT because of posts made by the leaders against ACP, challenging them and being rather disrespectful towards us. This did spark some comment from other armies, but the war promptly ended within 2 hours, with ACP picking up 6 servers.
  • After the LT war they figured they had a lot of servers, and started to give out servers to different allies/armies, as a thank you for previous wars where the allies have been there to help ACP in their time of need.
9th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 1st

Current Hits: 4,104,960

Dark Warriors [DW] /// Leaders: Khimo and Phiphy

  • They started the week with a steady jump into the CPAC top 10 into fifth position, and have seemed to excel from there, obviously motivated by their current position, they feel they can achieve something else within the army.
  • A couple days later they assessed their army in ways to improve, and later on held a kind of ‘competition’ of who would be the worst owner or moderator of the Dark Warriors, currently no-one has commented on who they think has done poorly.
  • They next did a cleansing of Permafrost with sizes of around 15-20, and then had a PB with a lot of armies, in which they did pretty well! They achieved 30-35 in this event, and are on course for a higher rank than 5th.
9th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 2nd

Current Hits: 3,031

Nachos Army of Club Penguin /// Leaders: Billy Mays, Talex and Ads354

  • The Nachos had a steady start to the week, scheduling a mainly USA recruiting for their soldiers to attend, but the results were quite good! It was a USA recruiting with an average size of 25!
  • They then scheduled a ‘Tag Team’ battle, with the Night Warriors and themselves against the Watex Warriors and the Army Republic, only two armies attended and they were left to battle it out, with the Nachos being victorious with around 20 soldiers.
  • They proceeded to the next round of the CPAC Scary Showdown by beating SWAT with some good sizes, and then they had a second recruiting with nice sizes of around 20-25, it’s been a good week for the Nachos.

9th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 3rd

Current Hits: 789,134

Ice Warriors [IW] /// Leader: Iceyfeet1234

  • They started the week off with a loss against the Light Troops in a 3 way PB, but the other participant Ninjas didn’t show up! They did well against the Light Troops with sizes of around 20 soldiers, saving themselves from a ‘thrashing’.
  • After losing against the Sky Troops in the CPAC Scary Showdown, the Ice Warriors declared war on them, to show that the battle was just a bad day for the Ice Warriors, after they retirement of their owner Gadunka, they decided to schedule some invasions.
  • A couple days later, the invasions take place and IW win their first, with good sizes 15-20 compared to the Sky Troops’ 5-10. This could be an important day in the war against the Sky Troops.

9th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 4th

Current Hits: 365,673

Blizzard Warriors [BW] /// Leader: Blizzard880, New Boys1

  • The Blizzard Warriors had a show down with the Light Troops in the CPAC Scary Showdown, an army 2nd in the last top 10, and beat them on the day! The Blizzard Warriors got around 15-20 soldiers on against the Light Troops, compared to the LT’s 10.
  • They also got a new server from the Army of Club Penguin, Migrator, as a thank-you for their hard work against the Black Alliance, when they helped ACP out in a war where everyone was against them.
  • Blizzard Warriors are still getting prepared for their Promotion day, with BW soldiers having around 10 days to comment why they deserve one, promotions should be released soon so the soldiers can be rewarded!

8th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 5th

Current Hits: 12,480

Army Republic [AR] /// Leaders: Vinny4501 and Buritodaily

  • The week started poorly for the Army Republic, with them being knocked down to 8th place in the CPAC top 10, but they soon started the mission to get back in it, having a lot of unscheduled events with sizes of 10-15.
  • Then, they had the ‘tag-team’ battle against the Nachos and NW, but as the Nachos only showed up they fought them instead. Both armies fought valiantly, but the Nachos came out on top, but the AR were successful with sizes of around 10-15.
  • They have now scheduled a Practice Battle against the Underground Mafias Army to see how it will go, this could prove to be vital for the army if they wish to get back into the top 5 in the CPAC top 10 again.

October 9th, 2011

CPAC Rank: 6th

Current Hits: 19,098

Sky Troops [ST] Leader: Alex cone, Everton cool, Kronos215

  • They started off the week with an active count starting on October 3rd, so far they have 15+ active comments, which is good for an army of their size. They are hoping to get around 25-30, which would be a massive achievement for them!
  • However, another huge achievement for the Sky Troops was beating the Ice Warriors in the CPAC Scary Showdown, congratulations! They had good sizes of around 10-15 soldiers, which was a massive achievement for them!
  • But, this victory came at a cost – The Ice Warriors wanted revenge and declared war on them, so far the war has been pretty one sided and the Sky Troops have already lost one server, and it seems like many more losses are to come.

October 8th, 2011

CPAC Rank: 7th

Current Hits: 32,548

Water Vikings [WV] Leaders: Zak, Josephp3, Kingfunks4

  • The Water Vikings seemed to be very inactive at the start of the week, but started to come alive on Friday when they had an event scheduled for the defence of Sparkle, against I supposedly unknown army ‘Flame Troops’.
  • They followed this scheduling with some unscheduled events, where they had positive sizes of 10-15 and did extremely well, it was these kind of results that got them this place in the top 10.
  • In the defence of Sparkle the Water Vikings prevailed with good sizes of 10-15 again, with the Flame Troops not coming. They followed this up with a scheduled recruiting session which could prove very important if they want to stay in the top 10.

October 9th, 2011

CPAC Rank: 8th

Current Hits: 6,877

Watex Warriors [WW] Leaders :Lucario564, Hurricanex1, iWolf

  • Watex Warriors were quite inactive too until the latter part of the week, where they shocked everyone in the CPAC Scary Showdown round 2, with excellent sizes rivalling the Nachos, and they only just lost against them!
  • They didn’t stop there! Luc scheduled a 3 way practice battle for them, following the ‘tag-team’ battle they recently had, but didn’t show up to. This 3 way practice battle is against RPF and the Club Penguin Green Team.
  • They have also scheduled a ‘cleansing’ of Tundra, a server only they should own along with their good allies the Army of Club Penguin. They are going to be invading any army that claims to own it, and hopes to be successful.

8th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 9th 

Current Hits: 515,517 

Light Troops [LT] Leaders: 1a3t, Teh Pie, Bluepaint, Royalphatnom

  • LT make an active count for their soldiers, and give them a week or so for the soldiers to complete it, the final results we’re around 70 soldiers, which is good for the former 2nd army, it is a very high total.
  • However, because of most of their competitive posts against ACP, the ACP declared war on the army, and in this war the ACP pretty much ‘owned’ them. They started maxing around 5-10 soldiers, and were a shadow of their former self.
  • They eventually conceded 6 servers and ended the war, but got a 2 month ceasefire with ACP. They went around asking allies for some of their servers back, as ACP spread them across empires.

8th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 10th

Current Hits: 57,995

So, that was the Army news in depth! The site stats were added so we can check a week later how many stats they have, and how much they get in a week, and compare which armies get the mosts stats. It’s similar to something Boomer used to do.

So, did you enjoy the CP Army News?

Should we make our own Top 10?

Comment with your opinion!