The Final Notice! CPAC Scary Showdown ACP vs. UMA! [TODAY!]

CPAC Scary Showdown Round 3!

SERVER: Klondike

DATE: Saturday, 15th October

TIME: 11:00pm Penguin Standard Time

  • 2:00pm Eastern (EST)

  • 1:00pm Central (CST)

  • 12:00pm Mountain (MST)

  • 11:00am Pacific (PST)

  • 7:00pm UK (GMT)

  • 5:00pm Australia


[gigya width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”” quality=”high” flashvars=”id=44295558&gn=theacp” align=”middle” wmode=”tranparent” allowScriptAccess=”sameDomain”


Halloween Party Entry

Bunker Edit: I’m still in hospital so I’ll be gone for a bit longer, I’m really sorry but when I’m back I’ll make up for the join page dates I missed.

Edit: To submit your igloo/costume/drawing, just comment with a link! Check out how to take pictures HERE.

Edit #2: Apparently the ACP Command Room works! Soldiers use it for battles, its a page connected to chat and club penguin!



Hey ACP!


So, you can see in my other post HERE about the halloween party, and now this is the official ‘sign up’ post! If you want to submit your halloween costume or the picture of your igloo early, or even your doodle, you can do it on here!

I can now go into some more detail about the prizes:

  • [1] Halloween: 1 Halloween power is up for grabs in the party, probably the prize for best Igloo!
  • [10] Spooky: The new Spooky powers have been released in xat, and 10 lucky winners will be able to get their hands on one!
  • [4500] Xats: As well as possibly getting some Spooky powers, you could also win anything from 500-1,000 xats with 4,500 xats on offer for lucky winners!
  • [5] Temp-Mod: 5 lucky soldiers will also get temp-moderator for a whole day hours!
  • [3] Temp-Owners: 3 lucky soldiers will also get temp-owner for 3 hours, congratulations!

So, if you want to get your hands on these prizes, you can comment early with your entries, we can now confirm a date:

When: Saturday 29th October & Sunday 30th October

Why: ACP Halloween Party!



10:30 AM PST

11:30 AM MST

12:30 PM CST

1:30 PM EST

6:30 PM GMT


11:00 AM PST

12:00 PM MST

1:00 PM CST

2:00 PM EST

7:00 PM GMT

Can you make it?