Moving On Again!

Flipper: I know we can win this and make it to the final, we just have to believe in ourselves and show CPAC what the real meaning of ‘scary’ is. :mrgreen: I have also bought [4] (CARVE) Powers to add to the Halloween Party prizes, but that takes the total of xats to 3.2k, but I’m sure you don’t mind.

Icey Cold27: I was making a post about this, and you published this when I only had four sentences left to go. 

Halloween Party Entry

Hello ACP,

We have made it this far. Great job at our last battle with UMA! We did very well. Can you believe that we have made it this far already?

Ken can

Our next battle will be with the Sun Troops.
CPAC Scary Showdown Round 4!

SERVER: Klondike

DATE: Saturday, 22nd October

TIME: 12:00pm Penguin Standard Time

  • 3:00pm Eastern (EST)

  • 2:00pm Central (CST)

  • 1:00pm Mountain (MST)

  • 12:00pm Pacific (PST)

  • 8:00pm UK (GMT)

  • 6:00pm Australia

ARMIES: ACP vs Sun Troops

Get prepared guys! Make sure to remember the times!  Its time to win the fourth round and bring home the trophy!  People are guessing for us to be the clear victors of this battle, and the tournament as a whole.  It seems as though the ACP always appears to have a sudden rise during the fall/winter; lets not disappoint and keep that tradition going.  Sun Troops have been consistent with their numbers- of around fifteen- in this tournament.  This means we could find ourselves with an actual opponent this time around.  Thankfully our advantage is that Sun Troops have not been placed in the top ten recently.  Give it all you got, ACP~!  No holding back any longer.

United we stand.

Comment if you can make it! You can also comment on who you think we will be expecting in the Final Battle!

~Kenneth1000 & Icey Cold27

Was there any doubt?


Hey ACP!

Hey guys, today we did AMAZING. We logged on at around 40 minutes past the hour, and started off in the Dock where the battle was going to be held, and we stayed there until the battle started, but there was no sign of UMA..

On the hour UMA charged us with a small size of around 5, however we had massive sizes of 30-35, peaking at around 40 for most of the battle, we really did excellent! You followed orders correctly, and generally showed nothing can stop us now.

Congratulations to 4 soldiers who were really good in the battle and got a temp-mod/temp-owner, they are:

  • [Owner] Empoleon
  • [Owner] Maxy777
  • [Moderator] Star
  • [Moderator] Samanna

Well done! Now, onto the pictures.


This is the pre-battle where we show awesome sizes to pull off a Puke Bomb.

More ‘Epicness’ for ACP as we smile to our Purple friends, but they would not be our enemy for today.


Spits now as we make a kind of ‘b’. you mad /b/ro? :mrgreen:

We change from the b to a better line, but with a curved end.

Next we do a kind of ‘U’ shape, and fill it up with Pizza’s!

A still shot from early in the battle with sizes of around 35.


ACP goes through to the Semi-Finals! After half an hour of fighting against (most of the time) a non-existant UMA, it is a sweet reward for ACP. Congratulations ACP, in the next round we will face the SKY TROOPS or the SUN TROOPS. Only time will tell!

Comment if you made it (Counts towards Promotions)