CPACSS Semi-Finals!

Hey ACP!

A couple days ago Khimo [DW Leader] and I discussed possibly having a practice battle with us, ACP! Dark Warriors are currently the seocnd largest army in Club Penguin, and after I had talked with Ken for a bit we decided to go ahead with the PB.

SERVER: Klondike

DATE: Sunday, 23rd October

TIME: 11:00am Penguin Standard Time

  • 2:00pm Eastern (EST)

  • 1:00pm Central (CST)

  • 12:00pm Mountain (MST)

  • 11:00am Pacific (PST)

  • 7:00pm UK (GMT)

  • 5:00pm Australia

Who: ACP Vs DW

So, can you make it?

This battle, ultimately, will decide first! Although we are having this practice battle, we are still very good allies so don’t let that confuse you. We wish the Dark Warriors good luck and we hope it’s a fair fight. This battle will take place next Sunday, so we will have a jam-packed weekend.

First, we have the CPAC Scary showdown Semi-Finals against the Sun Troops, an army that can sometimes pull it out the bag when it counts, now we have got this practice battle on Sunday, hopefully we will be victorious in both, I know we can.

Are you ready? This will count towards promotions, giving you a 50% increase!