Current DRACP – Upcoming Events!

It has been awhile that the leader’s have posted about the ACP’s land on club penguin to let everyone know. Here are a few questions to answer in your head. If you get these right or know what the answers are, then that’s great! If you don’t know though, you need to read this post lol! Give it a shot:

  1. Do you know how many servers ACP has right now off the top of your head and not looking at the nation page or anything else that would help you?
  2. If you know how many, do you know all the servers 😛 ?
  3. Who is the DRACP President right now?
  4. What was the last server ACP just picked up and added to the DRACP nation?
Did you know any of these? Click read more.

Issue 2: ACP Army News!

Hey ACP,

What’s been happening in the army world? We have been at war that lasted an hour, and our allies and enemies have been busy working too, so, the nws, brought to you by ACP – ACP army news!

Army of Club Penguin [ACP] /// Leaders: Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000

  • ACP proceeded to the ‘Quarter-Finals’ in the CPAC Scary Showdown last week, and fought against the Underground Mafias Army a couple days back, and ACP won with great sizes of around 35-40, and got to the Semi-Finals against the Club Penguin Sun Troops.
  • ACP also scheduled the forthcoming Halloween Party with excellent halloween-themed prizes, and got ready to celebrate halloween on the 29th and 30th, but chose to give the army the day off on Sunday.
  • The leaders also scheduled a practice battle with the rising army Dark Warriors of Club Penguin, in a battle which will ultimately decide 1st! They have a busy 3 day weekend, with a PB with Nachos too on friday, followed by the CPACSS and the second PB.

15th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 1st [N/A]

Current Hits: 4,111,498

Weekly Hits: 6,358

Dark Warriors [DW] /// Leaders: Khimo and Phiphy

  • Starting the week on a high getting second in the top 10, they scheduled a practice battle against 3rd place army Nachos army of Club Penguin, this battle would probably decide second place, and a server was at stake, Slushy.
  • In the Practice battle against the Nachos, they called it a tie and it resulted in a ‘dual alliance’ between the two armies, this practice battle had a big effect on the top 10, as they take a ‘tied’ place, with the Nachos.
  • Afterwards they scheduled a practice battle with the largest army of club penguin, ACP. This battle would decide first place in the CPAC top 10, but they also had a comment contest with 300 comments!
16th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 2nd[TIED] [N/A]

Current Hits: 3,031

Weekly Hits: 1,667

Nachos Army of Club Penguin /// Leaders: Billy Mays, Danny and Ads354

  • Making their way through the CPAC Scary Showdown Quarter-Finals, they faced SWAT in a battle that would see who went through to the Semi-Final. They won! With convincing sizes of 25-30, Nachos powered their way through to the Semi-Final.
  • Their leader Talex stepped down from his role as leader this week, and promoted Danny to the 3rd leader in the army. There is no telling if this was a wise decision, but only time will tell!
  • They also had the practice battle against the Dark Warriors which improved their rank in the CPAC top 10, up to second place tied with solid sizes of around 25-30, but they got a plus from the battle with a new brother ally, in the dual alliance.

16th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 2nd [TIED] [+1]

Current Hits: 792,052

Weekly Hits: 2,918

Light Troops [LT] /// Leader:  Bluepaint, Tylund1

  • The Light Troops started the week rebuilding from a poor show against ACP in the war, but started off really well with war against the Blizzard Warriors and positive sizes of 20+, rising through the ranks to the top 5.
  • Another big change in the Light Troops is a massive started the week off with 4 leaders, but has now demoted 3 of them and promoted a new one, to have 2 leaders in the LT owner ranks, could this prove a winning combination?
  • They did excellent in the final event of the week for them, with great sizes of 25-30, threatening the two armies tied at second place. If the LT continue as they are going, they will definitely be a forced to be reckoned with once again.

16th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 4th [+6]

Current Hits: 59,495

Weekly Hits: 1,500

Club Penguin Sun Troops [CPST] /// Leader: Wenny123abc, Kingfunks4, Teal Violin,

  • They Started the week by not getting into the top 10, as the results of their best event for a while had been published a bit too late, but they have bounced back and started getting 20+ again, getting them a place in the top 5 – Only just.
  • They had the CPAC Scary Showdown this week, and they beat the Sky Troops in a very close battle in the tournament, but become victorious and must now fight the Army of Club Penguin in the CPACSS Semi-Final.
  • In an otherwise low-key week for CPST, they pulled out the event results and had a competition for a new chat background, which several entries making it through to the ‘final round’, CPST will be looking to keep this position next week.

15th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 5th [New]

Current Hits: 19,778 

Weekly Hits: N/A [No Data from last week]

Army Republic [AR] /// Leaders: Vinny4501 and Buritodaily

  • After being knocked out from the CPAC Scary Showdown, AR had a pretty poor week with hardly any posts on their website, however they started to come to life in the latter part of the week.
  • They had a very successful unscheduled event with sizes of around 15-20, doing very well for not a scheduled event. This is probably what kept them in the top 10 at this position, but they are hanging onto it by a thread.
  • They have scheduled a practice battle with the notorious Specialist Weapons And Tactics in an event which could prove very important for AR if they want to keep this position in the CPAC top 10.

October 16th, 2011

CPAC Rank: 6th [N/A]

Current Hits: 89,890

Weekly Hits: I think I might of Screwed up on these hits, as last week AR had just under 20k hits, and this week they have just under 90k hits. [N/A]

Sky Troops [ST] Leader: Alex cone, Everton cool, Kronos215

  • In a rather busy week for ST, they scheduled a recruiting/training for the weekend, in yet they haven’t posted the results. They have also entered the CPAE Fright Fight in which they hope to win.
  • They had a very important CPAC Scary Showdown Quarter-Final against the Sky Troops, in which they did very well in the end in a battle which could of been anyone’s. They got good sizes of 10-15, which was good enough for 7th place.
  • Sky Troops posted their ‘tactics’ hand book for the army, showing a range of tactics that they wish to use. They have the first event in the CPAE Fright Fight scheduled, and they have also scheduled a tactics session.

October 15th, 2011

CPAC Rank: 7th [N/A]

Current Hits: 33,126

Weekly Hits: 578

Blizzard Warriors [BW] Leader: Iceyfeet1234

  • In a very inactive week for the Blizzard Warriors, they were preparing for the Club Penguin Army Central Scary Showdown, where they were hoping to proceed to the Semi-Finals, with the challenge of beating NFF.
  • They beat a very small Ninja Freedom Force in the CPACSS to proceed to the semi-finals, against the Nachos Army of Club Penguin, which will be a massive challenge for them, but they hope something miraculous will happen.
  • In other news for the Blizzard Warriors, they got a new domain for their website so it can be easily found. Despite no defences, the BW are still at war with the Light troops and a former leader has come back to help them out.

October 15th, 2011

CPAC Rank: 8th [-3]

Current Hits: 13,397

Weekly Hits:  Again, I think I might of Screwed up on these hits, as last week BW had just over 6k hits, and this week they have just over 13k hits. [N/A]

Ice Warriors [IW] Leader: Iceyfeet1234

  • Starting the week on a high with a place in the top 4, the week has been topsy-turvy since then being very inactive this week, but they still continue the war against the Sky Troops, even if SkT don’t seem to show up.
  • Their only event of the week had decent results of 10-15, proving that the bottom half of the top 10 has been very close with all armies getting 10-15. They claimed the server Snowfall with their invasion, but it’s only good enough for 8th.
  • The Ice Warriors scheduled a couple events for the weekend, expecting around 15-20 to come to this event, however no results have been posted so it is still unknown how much they are really capable of getting.

11th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 9th [-5]

Current Hits: 365,673 [367,042]

Weekly Hits: 1,369

Specialist Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] Leaders: Ganger90, Stars34, S Cargo2

  • SWAT started off with battle plans against the Nachos, as they were going to face them int he quarter finals of the CPAC Scary Showdown, they also were going to attack the Watex Warriors on their cleansing of Tundra.
  • In the CPAC Scary Showdown, they had decent sizes throughout the battle but sadly for them they were nowhere near the Nachos. Again, like so many armies in the top 10, they got sizes of 10-15, giving them a spot in the top 10.
  • Next they attacked the Watex Warriors in a battle that they were victorious, again sizes of 10-15 gave SWAT a victory over the WW, and effectively taking their space in the CPAC top 10.

15th October, 2011

CPAC Rank: 10th [NEW!]

Current Hits: 52,935

Weekly Hits: [N/A]

CPAC Top 10

1. Army of Club Penguin [ACP]

2. [T] Dark Warriors of Club Penguin [DW]

2. [T] Nacho Army of Club Penguin

4. Light Troops of Club Penguin [LT]

5. Club Penguin Sun Troops [CPST]

6. Army Republic of Club Penguin [AR]

7. Sky Troops of Club Penguin [SkT]

8. Blizzard Warriors of Club Penguin [BW]

9. Ice Warriors of Club Penguin [IW]

10. Specialist Weapons And Tactics  [SWAT]

And, for the armies that I could get this information from;

Site Stats

1. Army of Club Penguin [6,358 p/w]

2. Nacho Army of Club Penguin [2,918 p/w]

3. Dark Warriors of Club Penguin [1,667 p/w]

4. Light Troops of Club Penguin [1,500 p/w]

5. Ice Warriors of Club Penguin [1,369 p/w]

6. Sky Troops of Club Penguin [578 p/w]

Hopefully I won’t screw up some of the results, and we can get a full top 10 of data!

In this edition of ACP Army News, I have added the extra ‘Weekly Hits’ so we can compare how many hits the army got, compared with their rivals. One of the outstanding armies in the site stats top 10, is Ice Warriors. Who, although they are 9th, got a 1,369 views per week, rivalling the Light Troops. However, we all know that what matters is size on Club Penguin.

So, that was the Army news in depth! The site stats were added so we can check a week later how many stats they have, and how much they get in a week, and compare which armies get the mosts stats. It’s similar to something Boomer used to do.

So, did you enjoy this edition of CP Army News, with added site stats?

Also, I know I asked this last week but I still want to find out more about what you think about this:

Should we make our own Top 10?

Comment with your opinion!