Well, since every other owner in the ACP has their own weekly post topic, I thought I should have my own. One problem. I didnt know what to post about! So after a while, I came up with 3 ideas.

1: Question of the Week

I ask a question in a post. First one to answer it correctly in the comments, will get a prize. (Probably like 25 xats, being able to add me on CP, or whatever)WARNING: The question can be about ANY topic

2. The Week in Sports

I talk about what happend this week in the world of sports. It could be from English Soccer(Football) to Hockey. I would just say scores and important upcoming game and stuff.

3. Famous ACP Troops

I interview a famous ACP soldier (such as a former leader, 2ic, 3ic, loyal troop) or whatever and ask them questions about what ACP was like during their time.

So what do you think I should post about? I’ll put up a poll for you to vote on.

So what do you think?