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Stew Edit: The winner of my poll was “Magic Bananas”, which sadly isnt something I can post about. 2nd place however, was Option 3 (Famous ACP Troops) So that will be my weekly post topic. The post will probably be up tommorow or Saturday, but to hold you off for now, please enjoy this pic :D.

Theres been a lot of recent posts, hard to follow all of them right? Well thats the reason for this post right here. Click the links below our events this Friday-Sunday they’re especially important! The ACP vs Nachos PB decides what army gets #1 this week and get ready for the semi finals of the CPA Central Scary Showdown, this saturday!

ACP vs Nachos [TODAY]

Currant DRACP Nation – Upcoming Events


Debate Of The Week: The Loch Ness Monster

Issue #2 ACP Army News

Get ready for what could as well be our busyest day of the week! Remember, get on chat about an hour early for our battles, you wouldn’t want to miss the pre battle after all!

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ACP vs. The Nacho Army [Promotion Battle] // Fails Of The Week

ACP vs. The Nacho Army! [Practice Battle]

SERVER: Ice Breaker

DATE: Friday, 21st October

TIME: 2:00pm Penguin Standard Time

  • 5:00pm Eastern (EST)

  • 4:00pm Central (CST)

  • 3:00pm Mountain (MST)

  • 2:00am Pacific (PST)

  • 10:00pm UK (GMT)

ARMIES: ACP vs. Nachos

Lets give it all we got and even more. This is the first time in a very long time that the ACP has done a practice battle on a weekday especially with the Nachos who are ranked 2nd now. By the look of the comments on their site, they will have more then their usual numbers to face us. If you come to this battle, there is a 20-25% chance you will get a promotion and 2 people will be ownered for 5 hours. Go check Flip’s post that is under for even more information on some other things regarding the battle!


Fails of the Week

To increase morale the day before the battle etc.
epic fail photos - Historical Timeline FAIL

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: We Invented It For You and Everything!
epic fail photos - Slam Dunk FAIL

Comment if you can come! Read the entire post!