No Apology? No Compensation? Time For Action

Ken: I have found out the Nachos also own a part of North Pole so we will invade LT’s share and give or keep it.

Hey ACP,

As you all know from the post I made, LT broke their own treaty and invaded and took Brumby from the ACP. They said they wanted to destroy ACP and that they are not afraid of us the ACP. They said that knowing they have the protection of their treaty that the ACP generously agreed to. But now you have no treaty to protect you. Okay so they thought it was a BW server fine but wait,  after two days the LT still haven’t apologized for trespassing or given us the server back after it was proven to be ACP territory. That’s why we will be invading North Pole.

Invasion of North Pole [For United Kingdom]

What: Invasion of North Pole

Server: North Pole

Date: Monday, October 24th, 2011


➡ 7:00 pm GMT
2:00 pm EST
1:00 pm CST
12:00 pm MST
11:00 am PST

Enemy: Light Troops
Even CPAC has a headline “LT breaks treaty: Trespassing on Brumby”. Idiotic actions have their consequences. Flipper my fellow ACP Leader has an entire week off for UK invasions on LT territory. The FFA, the ACP, and the Nachos and probably DW are all going to invade LT. Okay if you are so intent on destroying ACP you have your chance now. You made it easy for the both of us to attempt to destroy each other. Your actions will be reciprocated to a higher degree. Oh and as you can see here above, this is the first time I used white in a post. 😀

Comment if you can make it! This is the time for you European troops to shine!


The Final Retirement Of Emaccoux

Hello ACP,

Yet another loyal soldier has retired. This soldier is Emaccoux, a loyal ACP Moderator. Best of luck in life Emaccoux :3


Hey guys, Emaccoux/KidKing63/Ninja here, retiring from ACP for as long as I feel like.  Here’s my long and boring story, so if you’re not into long and boring stories, skip to the thank yous.

It all started back in July 2010 when I saw the ACP in a recruiting session.  So, I Googled ACP of CP like they told me to, and I joined.  A day later, I got the starting rank of Sergeant.  I then joined the ACPTR with my friend Totojess1 and got the rank of Colonel after that.  Toto then baited me into going into the failed news site, Club Penguin Army Hangout (CPAHO).  I was one of the first members, and through that, I got connected to CPAC and got a short 3 month job there because of all the haters that hated my perfect posts.  That was probably my most well-known achievement.  I then got to where I am today, a General.  I then became EXTREMELY inactive.  I mean like, only 1 recuriting every 3 months.  Yeah, it was bad.

Well anyway, maybe that wasn’t too long, but whatever.  Here are the thank yous and goodbyes:

  • Asdfghjkl888: ASD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D My beeping best friend from ACP.  Our times will never stop. Ever.
  • Totojess1: If you’re reading this, Toto, you rank 2nd on my best friend list, man.  Good job, and thanks for being such a good friend.
  • Kieranfb: I doubt that you’re reading this as well, but I miss ya, man.
  • Bunkerbumble: Congrats on getting 3ic.  You deserve it.
Well guys, it’s been fun while it lasted.  I’ll still be on ACP chat a lot, and here are my final wishes:
  1. Stay mod for at LEAST a week.  Pwease, Ken?  Maybe make me a permanent mod because I’m such an awesome one? :D
  2. Be put on the Legends page, or where ever you put all the retired guys.
  3. COKE!!!! I WANT A COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s about it, guys, so, for (hopefully not) the last time…
See ya,

ACP Vs DW [The Last Reminder]


CPAC Results

Another War!

SERVER: Klondike 

DATE: Sunday, 23rd October [TODAY!]

TIME: 11:00am Penguin Standard Time

  • 2:00pm Eastern (EST)

  • 1:00pm Central (CST)

  • 12:00pm Mountain (MST)

  • 11:00am Pacific (PST)

  • 7:00pm UK (GMT)

  • 5:00pm Australia

Who: ACP Vs Dark Warriors

[gigya width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”” quality=”high” flashvars=”id=44295558&gn=theacp” align=”middle” wmode=”tranparent” allowScriptAccess=”sameDomain”

Dark Warriors have no chance.


It’s coming home!

Hey ACP!


Today we took part in the CPAC Scary Showdown Semi-Finals, a tournament we have flourished in so far. We’ve had it easy up to the semi’s, with victory over 2 armies that never showed up, and a win against a force of 5.

So, would it be any difference in a battle against the Sun Troops, a battle that if won would take us to the Final against Nachos or BW? Could ACP get ready for another final of a CPAC tournament, or was the dream over.

Or is it coming home?


We logged onto Club Penguin at around 7:40 GMT, and soon had sizes of around 25-30.

As the battle developed, we started to get confident sizes of 30-35, with CPST only showing  a force of 10.


We spit at the Orange, we are showing no mercy.

To the final? With the Sun Troops slowly reducing in size it seemed like the battle had already been won.

We move to a new central line, and we question where are ST? It was like they hadn’t shown up today.

Nearing the end of the battle, we go back to the coast line and chant we are bigger than you!

Our last tactic, a cheeky readins of newspapers. 😆


Kingfunks, leader of CPST, announces they surrendered so ACP go through to the final!

We will go on to face the Nachos or Blizzard Warriors. The Final won’t be as easy as it has been all tournament, so get ready soliders!

Commenting helps towards promotions.


Famous ACP Troops: Episode 1

Hello ACP, With my new post topic, “Famous ACP Troops” I have done my first interview. I interviewed longtime troop and former owner, Foxtails. So heres how it went:

Me: Hi Fox

Fox: Hey Stew

Me: My first question is, How was ACP like when you first

Fox: Well, Kg was just about to retire and there was a
really dirty election after that.

Fox: Stuff was very peaceful under Boomer. Noobs were very

Me: My next question is, How was being an owner


Fox: People saw me as “The Fun Owner”

Fox: Well, being an owner was just plain fun, While being a
leader was a lot of responsibility I wasn’t ready for.

Me: Have you seen any “Ups” for ACP now then it was then?

Fox: Well Obviously both Boomer’s leadership’s were HUGE

Fox: ACP Thrived enourmous sizes and Boomer was basically
revered throughout the army.

Me: My final question involves battles

Fox: Yay, battles 😀

Me: Did you find battles being more fun then then now?

Fox: Yes, though I think that’s mostly due to me grown two
years since then. Being huge is just fun Xd.

Fox: Boomer commanded unimaginable sizes in battles and
being a part of something that big was really amazing.

Me: Any advice for new ACP Troops?

Fox: Stick with it. ACP gets real hard sometimes, but it can
also be really fun, if you wait around long enough.

Fox: It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun.

Me: Thanks for your time, Fox

Fox: It was my pleasure, Stew

So what do you think? Comment on what you think!

Next Week: I interview former leader Kg 007.