Famous ACP Troops: Episode 1

Hello ACP, With my new post topic, “Famous ACP Troops” I have done my first interview. I interviewed longtime troop and former owner, Foxtails. So heres how it went:

Me: Hi Fox

Fox: Hey Stew

Me: My first question is, How was ACP like when you first

Fox: Well, Kg was just about to retire and there was a
really dirty election after that.

Fox: Stuff was very peaceful under Boomer. Noobs were very

Me: My next question is, How was being an owner


Fox: People saw me as “The Fun Owner”

Fox: Well, being an owner was just plain fun, While being a
leader was a lot of responsibility I wasn’t ready for.

Me: Have you seen any “Ups” for ACP now then it was then?

Fox: Well Obviously both Boomer’s leadership’s were HUGE

Fox: ACP Thrived enourmous sizes and Boomer was basically
revered throughout the army.

Me: My final question involves battles

Fox: Yay, battles 😀

Me: Did you find battles being more fun then then now?

Fox: Yes, though I think that’s mostly due to me grown two
years since then. Being huge is just fun Xd.

Fox: Boomer commanded unimaginable sizes in battles and
being a part of something that big was really amazing.

Me: Any advice for new ACP Troops?

Fox: Stick with it. ACP gets real hard sometimes, but it can
also be really fun, if you wait around long enough.

Fox: It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun.

Me: Thanks for your time, Fox

Fox: It was my pleasure, Stew

So what do you think? Comment on what you think!

Next Week: I interview former leader Kg 007.


10 Responses

  1. 1st and kg is next :O

  2. I think that girl you interviewed seems like a really great person ❤

  3. i have a question who got mod and owner?

  4. Fort, Boomer, and Bfan I am planning on interviewing them sometime in the series

  5. I’m scared, fox keeps mentioning how huge and hard things were when Boomer was on command.

  6. I wish i was a famous acp troop. i used to be really well known on mammoth, basically because everyone wanted to kill me for no reason and thought i wanted to destroy cp, good times XD

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