No Apology? No Compensation? Time For Action

Ken: I have found out the Nachos also own a part of North Pole so we will invade LT’s share and give or keep it.

Hey ACP,

As you all know from the post I made, LT broke their own treaty and invaded and took Brumby from the ACP. They said they wanted to destroy ACP and that they are not afraid of us the ACP. They said that knowing they have the protection of their treaty that the ACP generously agreed to. But now you have no treaty to protect you. Okay so they thought it was a BW server fine but wait,  after two days the LT still haven’t apologized for trespassing or given us the server back after it was proven to be ACP territory. That’s why we will be invading North Pole.

Invasion of North Pole [For United Kingdom]

What: Invasion of North Pole

Server: North Pole

Date: Monday, October 24th, 2011


➡ 7:00 pm GMT
2:00 pm EST
1:00 pm CST
12:00 pm MST
11:00 am PST

Enemy: Light Troops
Even CPAC has a headline “LT breaks treaty: Trespassing on Brumby”. Idiotic actions have their consequences. Flipper my fellow ACP Leader has an entire week off for UK invasions on LT territory. The FFA, the ACP, and the Nachos and probably DW are all going to invade LT. Okay if you are so intent on destroying ACP you have your chance now. You made it easy for the both of us to attempt to destroy each other. Your actions will be reciprocated to a higher degree. Oh and as you can see here above, this is the first time I used white in a post. 😀

Comment if you can make it! This is the time for you European troops to shine!


28 Responses

  1. I know about this crap 😆

  2. I will be there for sure..

  3. I will be in school (of course since I’m american) but goodluck European troops, make them suffer

  4. Aww… You guys make it hard on us MST people. How are we supposd to do a battle in the middle of school?

  5. Why can’t you support FFA It would be more Simple

  6. i cant because im in school

  7. I’d come but i have school..

  8. -awe- 55 minutes before school finishes. Can’t come, best wishes UK troops.

  9. srry i cant make it. ill still be in school

  10. “Finishing what we started” would have been a better title in my opinion.

  11. Good luck by the way I’m not Euro

  12. LT are sorry that we invaded your server by accident, If I can talk to Tylund, (not blue cause he’ll say no) to give a share of the server with ACP.

  13. May make it

  14. i can make it! ive got a whole week off cuz of half term! ur goin DOWN LT!

  15. cant make it thanks to school good luck euro people!

  16. i can make it

  17. Wouldnt miss it for a millon pound

  18. I will be there for sure

  19. really 2est 😦 by the time i make acp already won :d

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