The Final Retirement Of Emaccoux

Hello ACP,

Yet another loyal soldier has retired. This soldier is Emaccoux, a loyal ACP Moderator. Best of luck in life Emaccoux :3


Hey guys, Emaccoux/KidKing63/Ninja here, retiring from ACP for as long as I feel like.  Here’s my long and boring story, so if you’re not into long and boring stories, skip to the thank yous.

It all started back in July 2010 when I saw the ACP in a recruiting session.  So, I Googled ACP of CP like they told me to, and I joined.  A day later, I got the starting rank of Sergeant.  I then joined the ACPTR with my friend Totojess1 and got the rank of Colonel after that.  Toto then baited me into going into the failed news site, Club Penguin Army Hangout (CPAHO).  I was one of the first members, and through that, I got connected to CPAC and got a short 3 month job there because of all the haters that hated my perfect posts.  That was probably my most well-known achievement.  I then got to where I am today, a General.  I then became EXTREMELY inactive.  I mean like, only 1 recuriting every 3 months.  Yeah, it was bad.

Well anyway, maybe that wasn’t too long, but whatever.  Here are the thank yous and goodbyes:

  • Asdfghjkl888: ASD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D My beeping best friend from ACP.  Our times will never stop. Ever.
  • Totojess1: If you’re reading this, Toto, you rank 2nd on my best friend list, man.  Good job, and thanks for being such a good friend.
  • Kieranfb: I doubt that you’re reading this as well, but I miss ya, man.
  • Bunkerbumble: Congrats on getting 3ic.  You deserve it.
Well guys, it’s been fun while it lasted.  I’ll still be on ACP chat a lot, and here are my final wishes:
  1. Stay mod for at LEAST a week.  Pwease, Ken?  Maybe make me a permanent mod because I’m such an awesome one? :D
  2. Be put on the Legends page, or where ever you put all the retired guys.
  3. COKE!!!! I WANT A COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s about it, guys, so, for (hopefully not) the last time…
See ya,

9 Responses

  1. Don’t know you much, but I’ve seen you work hard in this army, good luck in life and bye…:(

  2. Bye Ema, you were a great mod, honestly. Good luck in real life

  3. 😮 EMA!!!!!!! Time goes on………….. And so does life.


  5. Bye ema great mod )=

  6. Thanks, guys. Also, Ken, I know you’re reading this, along with all the other comments, and look at how well these guys think I did as a mod? Maybe they think I should stay mod? Huh, that’s not a bad idea.

  7. You Should Stay Mod EMA.


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