We Win!

Hey ACP!

Today the Euro force invaded North Pole from the Light Troops nation. At first there were rumours that they were giving Brumby back to us, but nothing was confirmed so the invasion went off. So, how did we do?

We averaged sizes of 15-20, and maxed 20 too. This was a great achievement for a Euro squad that hasn’t been used for a long time. After 10 minutes we did a uLead, well done to:

  • Purple Slime4
  • James30072
  • Kingfunks4
  • Moshi29

Well done! After the event we had a mini-halloween contest, where I couldn’t decide a winner so everyone who took part received 100 xats for their effort. Well done guys! Also, well done to these 4 people who got temp-mod and temp-own:

  • Moshi29 [Temp-Mod]
  • Purple Slime4 [Temp-Mod]
  • Kingfunks4 [Temp-Owner]
  • Pitbull08 [Temp-Owner]

So, up to the pictures, congratulations ACP!


With sizes of around 15-20 we did E+8 (puke).

And now, we do an E+6 (Spit) emote in the line.


With our sizes steadily rising, we had did E+T (Toots) in line.

ACP wins! With no force of LT, we claim victory.

E+Z (Pizza)!


We make a new line and do Ice Creams (E+Q).

A couple of Dark Warriors show up, so we ask why were they so small?

Clovers (E+L) finishes off the event.


So, today was a great event for the Euro Forces of ACP, and I am proud of our performance. 15-20 is enough to get maybe even 5th place in the top 10!

Comment if you made it, it helps towards promotions.