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Ken: Flip check secret site
Hey ACP!

Remember the times! Press Read More to read the huge post. By the way on my last post I did not disclose all of our tactics only a few of them. I have also added more tactics that the Nachos use.

Army of CP [1] vs Nachos [2]

When: Saturday, 29th October

2:30 EST (Eastern)
1:30 CST (Central)
12:30 MST (Mountain)
11:30 PST (Pacific)
7:30 BST (UK)

Rooms: Klondike, Forts, Forest and Cove

Nacho Emotes:

E+9 = War Faces

E+D Sun Bombs

E+6 Tongue Bomb

E+M Money Bomb

E+Z Pizza Bomb

E+P Puffle bomb


Joke Bombs

“NACHO” chant

“DOOM” bomb

“Cat tank is not amused” bomb

“All your base are belong to us” bomb

“May the salsa be with you!” bomb

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The Way Around CPAC [Part 2!]

Hey ACP, 

So, Kenneth1000 has told us the ways to get around the Nacho, and now I’m talking about CPAC. What do they expect from us in the final of the CPACSS?

To start with, some background information on CPAC:

  • Created by Woton and assisted by Puckley, CPAC is the biggest news site around in CP Armies. It’s where everyone goes to find out the top 10, their personal opinion that has kind of become ‘God’ in CP Armies.
  • It’s no longer run by Woton or Puckley, but now run by Kingfunks4 and Blueswocka2. They are not like any other news site you have known, as they set up tournaments every 3-4 months.
  • A couple of tournaments they have had is the, to ACP, infamous Legends Cup one of the only tournaments we have not yet succeeded in. There was a lot of controversy over the past Legend’s Cup’s, but we still haven’t won it just yet. Another tournament is the Decade’s End tournament in which we got sizes of over 100, one of the many highlights in the ACP reign.
  • The judges in this tournament will be Kingfunks4, Fiasco121, Zakdude, Blueswocka2 and Deliburger. So, if you see any of these guys in chat, don’t forget to be extra nice to them! 😆 They will be at the battle watching our every move.

So, what will CPAC looking for in the battle between the ACP and Nachos? Well, one thing is TACTICS an important part of armies, and something the Nachos are supposed ‘masters’ of. But how are ACP going to excel in tactics?

Well, it’s simple Listen! Or is that Look..? When you are on chat in a battle, it’s important you listen to the owners who are leading, and to look at the commands they are telling you to do. The only way we can succeed is through following the orders set by the leaders so we can win! So, all we have to do is Pay Attention.

Another important issue with tactics are lines/circles. When the leaders ask you to get into a line or a circle, you must try and do that! A line can either go across, or down, and it shouldn’t be too hard to do. Also, when you get in line it’s important you space out! We can have good sizes of 35-40 but appear to have 25-30 because we are all bunched up.

When you get in a line, if it’s a vertical line, you should click the players name who you are going to sit under, it’s that simple!

  1. Click the soldier’s name that you want to go under.
  2. Wait for you to waddle!
  3. Stay in line until another order is called.

Thank you to Blahblah1928 and all the other soldiers who came to help me out!

Tactics is one thing.. but what else would CPAC look for in the battle?

Ahah, Size.

Any army will tell you that you can’t be too big! 😆 So when the leader asks you to login to CP, they mean Everyone! It doesn’t meant if we have 40 soldiers, or even just 5, every soldier counts towards victory.

A bit like tactics, when you login you have to space yourself out to make us look bigger. Size isn’t something ACP has ever really lacked of, but this could prove an important factor in the final against the Nachos, but just because we are big, doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t listen. Which brings me to something that kind of sum’s up what you should do in ACP in chat and on the battlefield, and in real life too.

Even if that is a bit girly, it’s the truth! 😛 And, as I’ve said before, just because we are big doesn’t mean we’ve won it before it’s started, here is a few examples where big works, but along with tactics as well.

Sorry for the pictures being so small! Yes, this was Boomer’s leadership but it’s still something that can be achieved today. We just need to do those two things above, Tactics and Size. And that way, nothing can go wrong.