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Well, it took 92 votes, but the winner is…

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The Green Army Wins!

Icey Cold27: http://armyofcp.com/2011/10/29/the-green-army-wins/klondike1-2/ 

Hey ACP!

We have just won the CPAC Scary Showdown! Yes, the Army of Club Penguin is victorious over the Nacho Army of Club Penguin! That is another trophy to add in our 10 floor trophy case!

We (Flip and I) has always believed in our ability to win. Flipper and I have been already debating on who should make the victory post before the battle started! We logged on about 1 hour early on Club Penguin and had sizes of at least 30 in the pre-battle. When Funks gave the signal to go, the Nachos were pretty much already setup there by what Flip tells me and a lot of ACP soldiers including me got locked out so Flip mostly lead because of that. We battled there for half an hour before moving to the Ice Berg.

At the Ice Berg some locked out ACP and Nachos troops were already battling there before the battle was moved there. We fought hard and caused the Nachos to apparently retreat to the Town or Plaza. We then moved to the Forest again. We made a triangular formation and waited for the imminent Nacho attack.  They suddenly charged in with mad faces, but unlucky for them they charged in the middle of a “Nachos are scared!” bomb. We battled it out in the Forest again until the battle ended and the victor was announced on CPAC chat. I got some pics and Flip will explain more below.

A Nacho is trying to DQ us before the battle.

E+7 Before The Battle

E+L Before The Battle

Flip has some more !


I’m amazed, happy, laughing, I don’t know what I should be doing any more. I can’t say much more, today was just EPIC.


When Funks gave the word, we charged into the Forest and instantly we were bigger than the Nachos.

We chant Why So Small, as CP has blocked WE ARE BIGGER.

More Pukes as we overpower the Nacho’s Mad faces.

Flower Power! Nothing more to say. 😆

This is just after the Forest where we achieve a second chat.

The IceBerg Pumpkin:

Our Spits rival the Coffee’s of the Nachos.

We make a new line, Nachos lose!

Forest Again:

We make a triangle kind of thing and spit again. 😆


Both ACP and Nachos we’re called to a chat where Funks announced the results…

ACP Win!

Also, in the post made on CPAC site it appears it was a whitewash in terms of the scoring, we had 5 votes to Nacho’s 0!

So, we’ve won it! ACP Marches on once again. We achieved sizes of 40-45, peaking at about 50 I swear. This event was a Promotion Battle, so to earn your promotion comment below, all you have to say is I made it!

A promotion is GUARANTEED for a member rank [Corporal – Brigadier General] but moderator’s only have a 50% chance increase, which is still quite a lot [Major General – Division General]!

Comment if you made it!

A dodgy, long trophy. What else could you wish for from CPAC? :mrgreen:

~Kenneth1000 & Flipper7706