Is That a Turtle I See in the Distance?

Hai dere, ACP!

After finishing the ‘Scary Showdown’, winning and totally kicking some Nachos in the dust (NOTE: this is funny.  Laugh with me; hahaha), we seem to be at a fork in the road.  We have concentrated so much on the tournament that it’s now time to get back to business.  This usually happens every time after we finish up a tournament; the leaders are stumped on ideas for events.  The leaders would like to see what type of events our soldiers want.  Not only do you get to voice your opinion and finally let the leaders hear you, but whatever is the most popular vote we’ll most likely schedule soon.  One of my favorite parts about being an owner in this army is to be able to listen to all the soldiers.  Not only is it my favorite part, but it’s the most fun to do as well.

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Happy Halloween!

ACP Bob: Read the new idea coming to ACP soon:

Flipper: And, can I just say Icey Cold27 (Mchappy) is not fired/will NOT be fired and it was just a silly prank by soldiers. Do not listen to them. And if you are taking part in this I advise you stop.

Happy Halloween!

Yup, it’s Halloween! One of the scariest holidays around.. Today is usually a ‘scary day’, but I come here bearing joy! Promotions will be out tomorrow or the day after, so although you might of commented on the CPACSS Victory post, you could even deserve a DOUBLE PROMOTION by commenting here..


Name: Flipper7706

Rank: Supreme Commander

Why do you deserve a promotion?

  1. I made the CPACSS Final
  2. I made the Halloween Party
  3. I made the ACP Vs DW mandatory PB.
  4. I made the Euro Invasion
  5. I got to chat 4-5 hours a day.
  6. I patrol Mammoth regularly.

It will help the leaders to promote you if you do it in this format, in a kind of list so we know each event you attended. Thanks!

-ACP Leaders