Famous ACP Troops Episode 7: Mchappy

Hey ACP, Its Stew20 again with FAT :D. This week I interview former leader and current 2ic Icey Cold27 (Mchappy). I know I said Fiasco121 last post, but I lied ;D. So deal with it :3. So lets see how the interview went:

Me: Hi Mch 😀

Mc: Hai Dere, Stew Lewy~!

Me: Epic Nickname :3

Mc: Yes, I make the best. Lol

Me: Alright, My first question is, How was ACP like when you first joined?

Mc:  It was extremely fun! Everyone got on CP without orders and we would talk from there. There were many rouges so it was always action packed. People were very nice and welcoming, overall it was an amazing experience first joining.

Me: Alright, my next question is, How is being an Owner?

Mc: Exciting! It’s a HUGE responsibility, as you may know Stew, but if you’re good at it, it’s worth it. I like being able to help out everyone I can and it inspires me more that people look up to me and/or expect me to do good :3.

Me:  My next question is, Has ACP improved any since you were leader?

Mc:  Some things have, some things haven’t. Either way ACP is doing a terrific job or I’m glad to be a part of it!

Me: My next question is, Were battles your favorite activity?

Mc:  Yes battles have and always will be my favorite and most exciting part of being in ACP! Another one of my favorite activities is just going on CP for fun and hanging out with everybody and getting to know whomever is on at the moment.

Me: My final question is, Do you have any advice for new ACP Troops?

Mc: My advice is to try and always make new friends! ACP is full of friendly people whether you know it or not, so always be open to new things; also stay extremely active! (Patrol  A LOT!) and most importantly have fun!

Me: Thanks for your time Mc 😀

Mc: No, no, thank you Stewy Lewy~ :3333

Hope you liked it!

Next Week: I’ll interview whoever I can 😀


The Mystery Of Day

Hai dere, ACP!

There is no mystery I just wanted to post some cool news and things like that!  As you know a lot of stuff has happened over the past week and some exciting stuff too; also I will talk a little about Peg’s new polls.  Being one of the owners it’s my responsibilities to make sure everyone is kept updated with everything.  I wonder how far I can get in this post without boring all of you…why don’t we find out?


First off I’m glad to say that the recruiting week was a major success!  Without counting our old join page (we got a new one to avoid lag for new recruits) we have gotten thirty-eight new soldiers.  That is a ton of new recruits, I’m very glad that we were able to rack in some new recruits.  Not to mention our site hits were better than usual this weekend.  I think we can conclude that this weekend’s recruiting was a great success.

Most of you know that Peg is conducting a survey on ACP data.  I’ll let him explain it in a future post, but I will say that ACP needs to start attracting younger troops.  Times comes when all of us will not be here anymore so we’ll always need a surplus of younger recruits to keep the generations going and to keep them at a young age.  Seeing these results polling in so far I ask that all ACP soldiers continue to recruit on populated servers for the rest of this week.  This will further our site and recruits and help ACP for the future, I promise.


My message to SWAT,

Now let me start off by saying that I have no position to declare war or describe my feelings for war at this point, but I am allowed to ponder.  As you know SWAT you have recently invaded our server Mammoth; you did not win, but you had the taste of revenge on your lips.  Earlier in the course of this month we had lost Mammoth to BA, and if you didn’t know that didn’t go so well with us.  ACP had wanted a taste of vengeance and we had a full-scale invasion on BA.  In the end, in about five days I would say, ACP had won the war and BA was destroyed (which is another story in itself).  The posts of losing and regaining Mammoth can be found HERE and HERE.  It’s been established that if an army is to invade Mammoth, we invade back and give them war; we have set a precedent.  What worries me the most is that you, SWAT, have tried to invade Mammoth and I don’t think this was your first time (SWAT invading Mammoth on September 6th, 2011 can be found HERE — a possible countless example).  Does it stop there?  I’m not sure, that decision will be made in your own time, but we know you wanted your revenge…

Are you willing to live up to this rematch?  I know that you seem to be in a bad situation, with being at war with two armies and now here I am blabbing about Mammoth.  I’ve been in a situation myself.  Thus I ask you this SWAT, will you take the chance?  No, I am not a main leader of ACP.  No, this is not an act of war.  No, I don’t like green beans.  I would just like you to know that a rematch, or any invasion of any other ACP server, would not settle nicely on your part.

Let it begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

General Rank Meeting/Polls!

Hey ACP,

Remember those meetings for the General ranks that I was talking about in one of my last few posts?  Well, we’re going to try it next weekend. If people show up, I’ll keep doing them. If nobody goes to the meeting, oh well.

General Ranks Meeting

Saturday, December 3, 2011





I know those times are a little on the early side for some people, but I doubt all of you will be sleeping. Again, this meeting is only for people with the ranks of

  • Brigadier General
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Field General
  • General
  • Division General

If you are not one of these ranks or an owner, I’m afraid you can’t come to the meeting. Sorry!

What I want these meetings to be like is this: I want to get these ranks’ opinion on what’s happening in ACP and the rest of the Club Penguin army world. I want to know what you guys are thinking about the leaders, about the army, about other armies, and what you guys think we should do in ACP and outside of it. Ideas for events, who you might like to see us battle with, I want to know what you are all thinking. Think of it as a giant Town Hall meeting, except we aren’t a town, and it’s not in a hall..


Time for a poll! Longtime ACP veteran Peguin is conducting a study to see how old the average person in ACP is, so he asked me to make a few polls for you guys to answer. Please answer them honestly!

I’d really appreciate it if everyone could answer those polls. Thanks for your cooperation, and I hope to see all you General ranks at the meeting on Saturday.


Results Of The Recruiting

Icey Cold27: http://armyofcp.com/2011/11/27/results-of-the-recruiting/breeze1/

Heyloo ACP!

We did well on our recruiting today. We logged on at about 2:40 EST and ended at 3:30 EST. We averaged 35and maxed 45 at some points. We spent nearly all of our time hard on recruiting at the Town before we went to practice some tactics at the Cove! Kenneth and Flipper lead with the help of many soldiers who repeated the orders. Once again we could really do better at tactics, cause y’know they are important too 😀 ‘ I got two pictures below which I believe they have 35 and maybe 40 troops seen.

Lets keep practicing on tactics next time! We shall get better! Flipper probably has some other pics he would like to add. This is the last battle before promos.

Comment if you made it!


ACPTR November Graduates

Hello ACP,

First I’d like thank all the cadets for their hard work and dedication and the staff as well. This month in ACPTR has been very successful. As promised there is a reward to the cadets who graduated, click more to take a look.

1.) ACPTR November 2011 Graduates

Now for what every cadet has been waiting for, promotions! Basically this month it turned out that every graduate did great overall and we have 4 A+s this month! These promotions will show up on the promotion post once it’s released on the ACP Site.

Cadet Of The Month: Legoboy612  – A+ Promoted to Major

Pengy1220 – C- Promoted to 1st Lieutenant

Superjay99 – A+ Promoted to Captain

Galaxie3 – A+ Promoted to Captain

Cooly 8880 – A+ promoted to Captain

Congratulations to these cadets who made a huge effort and for their troubles, earned quite a promotion. For those who got an A+, you will be forever remembered on the A+ graduates page.

2.) December 2011

A message to the readers who are between the rank of corporal-2nd lieutenant, you may as of now start joining ACPTR HERE. You will be offered to join as a cadet from now until December 15th. At the end of the month, as these cadets have you will be given a promotion for your hard work.

  • If you choose to join it would be helpful to go to the FAQ’S page hopefully your questions will be answered, If you have any more questions leave a comment on this post and a ACP owner or ACPTR staff member will try to get back to you.
  • Classes will be posted on the home page of the ACPTR website and are held HERE in ACPTR’s classroom.

To yet another successful month and to many more.

~The ACPTR Staff

Mammoth is ours once again.

Hey ACP, 

ACP Won today in the battle against SWAT, but it wasn’t our best battle for a long time. We logged on around 15 minutes early and I lead the first half, with Ken leading the second. I negotiated with SWAT throughout the battle and after 20 minutes since the Battle Started, Mammoth was ours.

  • Sizes [7/10]: Considering it was a couple hours early, our size wasn’t too bad, but I expected more. We averaged around 25 and maxed 30, as I said it wasn’t our best by a long shot. I felt we could of got more if soldiers hadn’t been AFK on Chat and had been distracted amongst other things.
  • Tactics [7/10]: To begin with our tactics were bordering on awful, but throughout the battle they got much better. We weren’t great at making lines or circles and following orders, except for the elite few who did everything that was asked of them.
  • Chat [6/10]: When we begun we only had around 20 on our chat which just wasn’t good enough for a battle like this, and I knew we could of got better. Towards the end of the battle we reached 30-35 on chat, which was good.
  • Overall [7/10]: This battle wasn’t at all good enough to the ACP standards, and I know I probably sound harsh but I know we could of done much better with a combination of listening and paying attention.  Hopefully tomorrow can be much better.

I didn’t get many pictures as it only lasted for 30 minutes, but here we go.


A little late for this picture where we do E+7 with that one Mad face. 😆

A still shot of our size.

ACP Defends Town! An insight to how many online.

Snow Forts:

We do E+T in a horizontal line.

And this ended our short-lived time in the Forts, ‘theres to mutch acp’


The only picture I got from the dock, E+8.


A SWAT 3ic admits surrender.

And SWAT 2ic also admits surrender, but wants a rematch.

I have yet to schedule anything of a rematch, but if they did I think next time it would be all out war. They can’t just invade our server twice and get away with it! Our next event is tomorrow at 12 PM PST, so make sure you make it.

Comment if you made it!


Green Friday!

What’s new for this weekend?

Hai dere, ACP!

I’m going to just cover some stuff that’s happened recently in ACP.  Recently the top ten was released and ACP yet again got first!  Good work everybody.  It seems we are pretty far from the pack, in a good way, so everyone please keep up the outstanding work.  Congratulations everyone for working hard and getting us to this point.  I know it’s not big news but it brightens my day when I see we are still #1.

The ACP continue to stay at the front, after good sizes of 45+ at the ‘Occupy the Dojo’ event. They also beat the Watex Warriors with 45+ and great tactics to follow-up the great event. ACP has an up-coming defence against the S.W.A.T in a defence of Mammoth, and were drawn against the Elites in the Christmas Chaos Tournament, but they are way out in front.


As you should all know we have some big recruiting events coming up, so let’s get prepared.  Recruiting can be a very dull thing or it could be made into something quite astonishing.  The decision of this is up to the soldiers and how they interpret recruiting.  If you interpret it as a hard chore, don’t.  Recruiting doesn’t mean just standing in the same place and chanting recruiting phrases.  The whole point is to get some new recruits.  The best way to do this?  Make ACP appealing.  Have fun with the new recruits/friends you meet and be amiable (friendly, if you didn’t know) to everyone!  This attracts a bunch of kids to join our army. 

If you would rather do hard recruiting, be my guest, though it is more efficient to get to know the new recruits to make sure they will be an active part of our community.  Show them the true meaning of being in ACP.  Be yourself and approachable; answer any questions they have.  Also waddle around the island to play games with them, etc.  I’m sure I don’t need to go into much depth. 

Maybe you’re asking yourself:  how do I recruit? how do I successfully recruit?  It’s quite easier than you think, and it’s a swift movement.  Say stuff like “JOIN ACP TODAY“, “JOIN ACP TODAY PROTECT CP TOMORROW“, and especially chant the army name a bunch; “ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN.”  Once you get that down and penguins will start listening those recruits will start recruiting as well.  Once a decent amount of rogues are recruiting this is when you begin to room hop.  Room hoping is going from room to room and take a few minutes to recruit.  For example, you could move around the whole island and be in each room for two minutes while doing hard recruiting.  This way penguins will notice all across the island.  Thus will start a chain reaction and you’ll have a bunch of ACP rogues across the island.  Try to gather them up and that’s when you start having fun with them!  Isn’t recruiting so much fun? :mrgreen:

TOMORROW is the beginning of our big recruiting.  I expect to see everyone on the island and get to know a bunch of you a little bit better.  Most importantly when recruiting, have fun and invite your friends.  We’re one big, green family and I wish ya’ll the best of luck!  If you follow these steps I think this will be very successful.

Let it begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General


Our Weekend

Hey ACP!

We have 3 events this weekend, and I thought I’d put it into one big post so you all know what we’re going to do. This will be the final battle before promotions, so it might be best if you came to these events. Below is the contents of this page if you just want to skip ahead to an event you think is important for you.



November 26: All Day Recruiting!

Yes, we’re holding an all day recruiting session on Club Penguin on Saturday, November 26. No, you do not have to be on chat and Club Penguin all day, but whenever you are on chat, I’m expecting you to be on Club Penguin with the rest of the army, recruiting on heavily populated servers. The way we’re going to be going about this recruiting session is new, though. Ever noticed that when we recruit, we fill up the entire room, and there are only about one to three non ACP soldiers in the room that we could possibly recruit? This time, we’re going to be recruiting in smaller groups of soldiers, staying in crowded rooms and recruiting in smaller groups, hopefully getting more people to our site because of it. I’m sure we’ll also be doing some goofy and fun stuff on Club Penguin throughout the day to keep everything relaxed and fun. If you have any questions about how we’re going to be running it, you can ask me if you see me on chat.

***Note: A new Join Page has been published, you can view it HERE. This was because we had reached over 1,000 comments on the last one, and it was becoming extremely laggy. Hopefully this will be the start of a good join page, with no-one not being added. If you haven’t been added and commented a coupe of days ago, re-comment. Thank-You.***


November 26: Mammoth Defence


DATE: Saturday, 26th November

TIME: 12:00pm Penguin Standard Time

1:00pm Eastern (EST)

12:00pm Central (CST)

11:00am Mountain (MST)

10:00pm Pacific (PST)

6:00pm UK (GMT)

4:00pm Australia


This event is very important as it is the defence of a treasured server to the ACP nation, Mammoth. We need to win this to show SWAT who actually owns Mammoth, and that they are not welcome on our server. Although the times are quite early on this event, I have no doubt we cans till perform well and get sizes of around 35-40, SWAT supposedly chose these times so it would be their advantage, but we will defend to prove it isn’t so.


November 27: Recruiting Event

SERVER: Breeze

DATE: Sunday, 27th November

TIME: 12:00pm Penguin Standard Time

3:00pm Eastern (EST)

2:00pm Central (CST)

1:00pm Mountain (MST)

12:00pm Pacific (PST)

8:00pm UK (GMT)

6:00pm Australia


These are all the events for the weekend so far, comment if you can make them! These will be the final events before Promotion Day at the end of this month, so get ready to battle! I also have a new idea for a page, a “Happy Birthday” page for soldiers, where you can comment when your birthday is and it will be added to the page, and if it was your birthday that day, in a post one of the owners would also say “Also, don’t forget it’s ______ birthday today! Happy Birthday!” You wouldn’t have to put your birthday info down, or your age for that matter, but I think it would be quite a fun thing to do. Thoughts?

-ACP Owners

Debate Of The Week: Christmas Trees

Hey ACP!

Debates are back, and since we’re nearing the Christmas holidays, I thought we would get in the spirit by having a Christmas tree debate! What tree do you think is better real or artificial?

So what do you think? Tell us your opinions in the comments!

Signing Off,

~Slider ACP Head General

‘ACP Site V.C20’

Slider: Now that we’re a gang, can we buy a van and start solving mysteries? 😆

Hey ACP,

As you can probably tell from looking at the website, we have update the site with Happy Holiday CSS! We have new buttons, a new Chat BG, and new everything really! You may think it’s come a bit early, but with Thanksgiving today I think it’s come right on time.

But, what do you think? Pochoma123 our graphics designer has tried his best to make ACP look like a happy place to be this Holiday, so if you could, fill out this quick form about the website and chat so we know what to improve on!

CP Name:

ACP Rank:

Site BG and Chat Button at Bottom Right [?/10]:

Header [?/10]:

Post BG and Sticky BG [?/10]:

Chat BG [?/10]:

Outer BG [?/10]:

ACP Happy Holidays Custom Penguin [?/10]:

What can we improve on:

Thanks for your help! Here are some important posts you might also want to check out:

Thank you for your time, and I hope you tell us on how to improve on our website. For now, Happy Holidays and get ready for the defence of Mammoth!