Why our Invasion was halted

Hey ACP!

Earlier this week was our invasion of Snow Fort and we were looking forward to taking back our beloved server and owning the Nachos at the same time. Sadly though, this plan was interrupted by a certain bunch of noobs. Yes, I’m talking about Ioio and his band of idiot followers. Continue reading

In The Name Of ACP – Stop, Read Right Here

Ek: Stew is looking for people to interview for a special Not So Famous ACP Troops post. He shall be doing so tomorrow at 5 EST. I highly recommend reading this post, it gives some info on the war. 😀

Hello ACP!

Yes, I’ve been playing Skyrim. But this post isn’t about Skyrim, it’s about ACP! Now We can all agree the soldiers of ACP are getting a bit lazy, in a time of war this can’t get much worse. Being honest this makes me a bit nervous and we definitely need to pick up. ACP has seen things happen similar to this and worse than this before. No matter how great the army, it will see ups and downs, it’s just part of being an army. The good news though is that other armies aren’t doing much better atm.

The biggest reason ACP always comes out of slumps because of you, our dedicated soldiers. Back in our war with NW we were in the same predicament, some big losses and people were just giving up, but that’s not how we roll. ACP doesn’t come out of slumps without work. It takes time and it takes effort but we’ve done it before, theres recruiting, patrolling, and of course many invasions and defenses that needs to be dealt with by all of ACP, together. ACP has beaten Nachos and the Light Troops many times before, but every war isn’t a breeze, that just makes the victory so much greater.

ACP is very different from any other army. We can go from averaging 20-30 to well over 50 with the right motivation. ACP has been winning wars for over 5 years, that’s not because of some myth of being a ever lasting army, it’s because of our great soldiers and our terrific moderators.  We’re an army in club penguin, might not seem too great or exciting but it really is. We’ve created something that no one else has ever done, we have here a social link, and an entire community.

Now I have the secret to getting ACP back on it’s feet. It’s more simple than you’d think too! We need everyone to start getting more active (yes I know, you’ve heard this before) but it’s true, if everyone starts coming to the events and recruits more we’ll win this war in no time. It gets boring coming to so many events every week I know, but we need to pull through. If everyone starts coming to as many invasions and defenses as they can we can end the war, and win it too. ACP isn’t my army, it isn’t Flipper’s or Ken’s, it’s yours, it belongs to everyone. Now how about we being some big victories to our army.

ACP - We're bi-winning