Coup d’état

I understand Shab is making a reply to this post, and I ask that this doesn’t turn this into a war of words. I do not want a civil war in ACP with sides being taken, this is merely a post telling you to stop please. You do not have the authority to do any of the threats you made and we ask you to stop making them, stop making pointless threats. Ken and I have our flaws, and if you wish to turn this into a civil war you are hurting not yourself, but ACP.

Yes Shab, I’m talking about you.

***Warning: There will be images of swearing in this post***

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ACP and Nachos agree on a… Draw?!?!

*Image by Stew

That’s right, for the first time in this war we have agreed on a draw meaning we now share Grizzly with the Nachos. We may invade again but that is up to the leaders flipper and Kenneth.

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The key to being a Moderator

The KEY to being a Moderator

See what I did with the key on the right of the post? Well, this is actually just a step to step guide for current Moderators and any future moderators who might become a key to the ACP set-up. Being a moderator is a big job because you are the difference between a calmed and “rioted”, as I like to call it :mrgreen:, chat. Moderators also help lead during battles and they repeat commands made by the leader. Generals lead a lot of battles (Like If you are a European Moderator you could lead that event…) and it helps towards promotions or a chance towards 3ic. Once being promoted to Moderator you could also lead unscheduled events of your own, maybe even when an owner is on so you can show-off your leading skills :). Here is my step by step guide to becoming a moderator:

  • 1st Week: It’s your first time as a moderator! You know the rules but you aren’t totally sure when to ban and when to kick. If you are unsure let someone else take the situation or take your first instinct. If an owner is on, ask them if it is the situation to kick or not. You shouldn’t go and lead any unscheduled battles yet and you should just go to events for now and repeat orders.
  • 2nd Week: You’re starting to understand when to Kick or Ban… You’re starting to understand the situations surrounding kicks and bans and you are almost comfortable at your spot as moderator on the ACP chat. If you were a hidden soldier before you are well-known now. You could start to lead events with the help of someone else and you should repeat orders at events.
  • 3rd Week: You almost know the full trade and you feel confident at special areas. You know almost every situation and when to ban/kick on the chat and you are comfortable at your spot as moderator on the ACP chat. Everyone knows you and you will lead events from time to time, by being asked to by leaders or by choosing to and you probably will repeat orders at events.
  • 4th Week: You have gone a full month as moderator and you understand your role.  You know when to ban/kick or not in all situations and you are very comfortable at your spot as moderator in the army. Everyone in the army knows you and new recruits ask you how to join and you respond assertively. You will be up to leading a few events and you will repeat orders at events.
  • 5th Week – 10th Week: You are promoted to General!! You know when to ban/kick all the time and you are becoming a big figure in the army. The leader notices you are active and you are promoted to Division General by the leaders. You lead loads of events and the leader may ask you to lead a European/American only event depending on where you live. You will also repeat all orders at all events. 

*This “Key to being a Moderator” only works if you stay active and go to events regularly 

So that was like a time-line to being a moderator, but what are the good points of a great moderator? Well, here is what I would look for in a good moderator.

  • They are active in the army and they go to most events and they comment on most of the ACP posts. 
  • They go to the chat regularly and don’t cause arguments that send the chat spiralling. 
  • They help new recruits who want to join and give advice to people who need to help. 
  • You often find them leading events or helping the leader at the event by repeating orders.
  • If they are a General, they make structured and well thought out posts that help others or give information.
  • Like other soldiers, they want to work hard for the army and generally do their best. 

Generally, to be a good moderator you just have to do what you did as a member with a few added responasbilties like leading and posting. So, will you become/are you a great moderator?

Kingfunks4 ACP General