Invasion of Deep Snow

Date: Friday, February 9th



8:00 PM UK

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

British and Commonwealth Troops In Sword Beach On D-Day

I know this might seem like a lot, but we are counting on you guys to go on the offensive while North American troops are defending ACP servers.

Comment If You Can Come!

~Kenneth1000 & Flipper7706

ACP Defends Breeze On Outback!


Well we didn’t do as well was we did yesterday, but still good enough to win! Club Penguin had many problems for us in the beginning. We had to relocate to Outback for us to battle and because of all these problems we had, both the sizes of us and the Nachos were small compare to our usual. I have to say this battle was very close, both sizes are almost the same and so were the tactics. I would say this was a draw to say the least. The ACP keeps Breeze! This wasn’t some major ACP victory that we achieved by annihilating the enemy but at least we still won by a smidge.

The Nachos, once again needed LT to annoy us and they would not get them to stop. Well this shows how desperate they are to actually get a victory. The ACP never surrendered and the Nachos got tired and logged off.

I do not have many pictures, so comment on the site if you guys have any and I will add some more to the post!


Icey Cold27

We did fairly good today.  I’m glad we kept the Nachos from winning our capital.  It was a very important battle and you all battled with the great effort.  For some reason I am extremely lazy today…  I don’t know either but let me just show you my pictures to get this over with.


I logged on to see this.


We're mad the Nachos ran away.


We love making this formation.


We need our energy with all of these events.


We came back to the snow forts to scare the Nachos.

Good job today ACP! Keep checking the ACP site for more events!