The ACP Takes Ice Box At Night


So, tonight was a success! We almost maxed 40 at like 9:30 PM EST. We were on for 2 hours at least STRAIGHT. Some soldiers from the UK and Euro even stayed up late with us! Cart lead the pre-battle and end while Ken lead the actual battle. Mchappy did a great job helping by repeating orders. We got about 37 maximum and averaged 35 or so most of the battle. We logged on from maybe 8:30 PM EST and logged off at about 10:25 PM EST. Our tactics were spot on! Very very good!

Here are some reasons why the ACP has obviously won.

1. The ACP never retreated once. The LT however got scared and ran out of the Forts. So after we did a tactic or two more we moved to go pacify another room.

2. The ACP practically took AT least the entire right side of the island while the LT just waited for the snow to melt at the Forts cause they were again, to frightened of us the invading army. So the ACP met no opposition in conquering rooms since LT didn’t even try to battle us while we were rampantly going through  room after room.

3. The LT logged off first. These guys still waited at the Forts while ACP was invading. This was a test of endurance. Even the LT bots didn’t stop us! Whether they used bots or not this was still an ACP victory. The ACP waited longer and with dedicated soldiers, we beat the test of time and waited till the LT got too tired and logged off.

4. The ACP size and especially tactics were much superior compared to the LT’s tactics. Our size was consistently larger. Plus our tactics were unmatched by these rotten bananas!


I have many pictures. And so does Mchappy and the other people who attended this event!

Well as you can see the ACP destroyed the LT for the majority if not the entire battle! Comment with your own pictures! Wonderful job tonight ACP! Keep up the good work.



Famous ACP Troops Episode 16: Mrtchy||Poll of the Week

Hey ACP!

This week in FAT I interview former General and legend, Mrtchy. It was a fun interview for me personally, and I’m excited to see who I can find for Episode 17!

Me: Hi Mr 😀

Mr: Hey Stew

Me: Alright, my first question is, how was ACP when you first joined?

Mr: Hmm, don’t really remember, but it was about 3 years ago.

Me: Alright my next question is, how was being a mod?

Mr: Well, it was great because everyone looked up to you. Although it was hard work it was worth it, and satisfying.

Me: My next question is, have you seen any improvement in ACP since you were mod?

Mr:  Well, the main thing I have noticed is that all the parents’ pages and children’s pages. But the leadership is definitely learnt from previous leaders.

Me: My next question is, were battles your favorite activity?

Mr:  Well, before Disney took over CP, definitely, going around club penguin and having fun and just being a noob. (Change noob to something more appropriate xD) But yes it was my favorite activity.

Me: Any advice for new ACP Troops?

Mr: Work hard and you’ll get noticed.

Me: Thanks for your time, Mr 😀

Mr: Np, anytime

Next Week: You know what? I should just stop doing Next week. I used to always know who I’d get, but now I never have any idea! xD.

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