We Drilled Abominable On Klondike

Hai ACP!

Since Abominable was full I believe we talked with LT and We beat the LT again today since they were too afraid to show up or something so this didn’t take long. We claimed lots of rooms and practiced tactics in them. We maxed 30+ and did great with tactics!

There isn’t much to say since the LT failed to show up! It ended pretty early cause of that too. Thanks and great job to everyone who came!

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Stew Reacts || Poll of the Week

Hey ACP!

Well, Im sure I know what your thinking: STEW Y IZ THAR NO FAT? Well, I will answer that question. BECAUSE I DIDNT FEEL LIKE IT (Plus I couldnt find anybody D:) So, to stall errr entertain you all, Ive decided to make a little post called “Stew Reacts”! What Im going to do, is pretty much react to how ACP is doing, (And be a troll to LT) Anyways, lets get started!

Since we have scheduled that huge week of Invasions, we really have turned the tides in the war. The Euro squad has been top-knotch as has the USA squad. However, it seems as if LT seems to do worse during Euro time invasions than USA time invasions. So, if we are going for a total domination of LT, I highly suggest we invade more in Euro times. So I really am excited to watch the ACP almost for SURE dominate the Noobish and Childish Light Troops! Anyways, its also important that all the troops listen. The leaders cant do everything, we need the troops to follow commands and ALWAYS be prepared for any situation, because you never know when there will be a Ulead session. Also, its important to not give your own commands. The leaders are the ones that are in charge, and shouldnt give your own commands, just because it may confuse other troops. So, I hope you enjoy my advice and we win the rest of the invasions!

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It’s Friday, Friday, gotta’ invade on Fridaaaaay.

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