Sorry Flen, I Let You Down

Invasion of Mukluk

To Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000,

It was 10 minutes before the Invasion of Mukluk. The Light Troops had decided to invade Tea at the same time, but we chose to lose the safe chat server and get the one that LT loves. However, we were only able to get about 10 people online. The Light Troops had gathered 5 other armies and were pushing us around. At about 8:40 the soldiers were trying to keep their spirits up. I knew that we lost. Talk to me in private chat with the details.

50 Minutes after the battle, I talked to Chrisiblue. I officially gave him our surrender, and neither army had lost or gained a server.

I, Asd, take all of the official blame for the loss of this invasion. 

Flip, Ken, you guys have permission to demote me.


*Note: I lead this because no leader was online. Fox also co-lead, yet she was un-ownered when I was busy bumping everyone in PC. Shab ownered us, but did not lead.

Fjord – It’s ours.

Hey ACP,

A few minutes ago, ACP’s Euro Forces (And a little bit of USA too) logged into Nacho’s capitol server, Fjord. Our mission? To take it away from them and continue with our wave of destruction. I’ve got to say, I was delighted with the results, astounded and amazed at how well we did, forcing the Nachos to surrender just after 30ish minutes.

I logged in with 10 minutes before the start, and I saw that Vetsd had been leading the pre-battle, we’d gathered in the Town alongside the forces of DCP. Nachos had got Global Defenders to help them out and there seemed to be some soldier of Light Troops scattered throughout the server, but when the battle began we only faced GD and Nachos – alone.

  • Size [10/10]: We averaged 30-35 throughout the whole event and maxed out at 40 at 5 GMT. Seriously, 35+ in a Euro event! Nachos and GD rivalled our size at times, but when we faced Nachos on their own in the Forts they had around 20 soldiers and we outnumbered them 2:1. Great size for our final Euro invasion of the week.
  • Tactics [9/10]: Don’t get me wrong our tactics were great, but we also lacked good tactics in many places. In the Dock our tactics weren’t the best, but in the Snow Forts our tactics were amazing. It was a really up and down day for our tactics, but overall they were great.
  • Chat [9/10]: I didn’t really check our chat size throughout the battle, but I know we had over 40 on there. We had 35 registered users at our height on XAT Popular, and everyone repeated the orders so we could do our best each time.

Now, onto the pictures proving my claims! We moved around to 3 different rooms, the Town – where we recruited, then we charged the Dock – where we fought Nachos/GD, and finally to the Snow Forts – where our main fight with the Nachos happened.

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