ANDI wins again!

Hey, ACP. I only have 2 pictures from Wind Chill myself 😦 Although, we took Dock before battle, which Slider might have pictures of. Then, we moved to Forts as you can see here:

We were at Plaza, but I do not have pics there. Then we took Town and Dock with Nachos. DW took town earlier, and I think Forts too, while Nachos took dock and forts. No yellow was on the server.

Pics of plaza:



Then to mix it up a little, we decided to turn pink.




Great job, guys!




How to Take a Picture

Hey, ACP. It’s Cart here, your Commander General. To start, i’d like to explain how to take a picture.

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Mukluk Mania

Cart: I couldn’t make Mukluk, for I was in school. Although, step 2 of ANDI is complete. I led on Wind Chill, and Wind Chill is in DW hands.

ANDI storm through Mukluk.

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WARNING: Chocolate may be evil!

This is a warning to all you chocolate lovers! Chocolate may be evil and could kill your whole family. It’s been done before and people have been killed by deadly chocolate, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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