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Invasion of Walrus

Day: Sunday, February 26

Enemy: Light Troops

Expected to come: MST, CST, EST, GMT


10 am PST

11 am MST

12 noon CST

1 pm EST

6 pm GMT

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Battle Tips

This is ACP’s 3430th post!

Hello ACP!

Today I’ll be talking about how you, the members of ACP can help ACP preform better at battles just by doing a few little things that can have a HUGE effect the more of you that follow these tips. Recently I’ve been seeing a few flaws in our organization like the dreaded clumping and gaps in formations, people wearing items that aren’t part of our uniform or resemble our uniform and some other problems that will be mentioned below.

Try to avoid clumping and gaps

You can’t keep everyone in order but you can help ACP’s formations improve by not contributing to the problem and being part of the solution. Don’t go idle during battles, if you must just log off. An idle penguin becomes more of an obstacle for our formations. If theres a penguin clumping by you, instead of complaining on chat just move to a different spot in the formation perhaps a gap. If a leader tells you to spread out, don’t go overboard and make huge gaps. Lastly if you see anyone other than the leader telling you to move to another room, ignore them and stay in the room you’re order to be in.

Be in uniform

I’ve noticed a lot of penguins wearing civilian items or wearing items that are not at least similar to ACP’s uniform items. For example if you’re a member the red viking helmet is always available, so you should always wear that during events. If you don’t have the green Letterman jacket a good alternative would be to wear the “green away jersey” in the snow & sports catalog. As of now the hiking boots are in the gift shop catalog and if you don’t have the black electric guitar, the red electric guitar is for sale in the light house catalog. For nonmembers try to be as green as possible. A nice hat alternative for right now is the sailors hat that’s a free item in the dock.

Follow orders on chat/be on chat

Be on chat during any battle and pay attention to the owner’s orders, be quick to when given the order follow it out on CP. When having to use a phrase tactic type it in right when it’s ordered before saying I. Try to be quick at following out orders by becoming familiar with emote shortcuts, you don’t need to memorize all of them but I recommend you memorize the more important ones like Clovers (E+L), Mad faces (E+9), Sick faces (E+8), Farts (E+T), and Spit faces (E+6).

Other Tips….

  • Recruit when no orders are being given.
  • Avoid side conversations during battles, just pay attention to the leader.
  • Don’t try to spy on the enemy’s chat unless you’re ordered to by the leader.
  • Don’t PC people ecpecially the leader, unless it’s dire wait until the event ends.
  • After the battle ends, patrol for enemy penguins and report it to an owner.
  • During events don’t be on any chat other than theacp.
  • Shab says throw snowballs, don’t let him down!
  • No matter who is leading, an owner or a mod treat them with the utmost respect and follow their orders.
  • Comment beforehand on battle posts to tell us if we can expect you at the battle.
  • Comment on the battle results saying weather you were there or not.
  • And last but not least, defend freedom and preserve justice!

March On,

   ~Slider ACP Head General

Leader Assessments: Results

Hey there ACP!

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Deep Snow is Blues!

Hey ACP, 

Today ACP logged into Deep Snow to invade for the Ice Warriors, good allies of ours. It was mainly ACP and IW at the start of the battle, with Nachos joining in later on. DW were a no show as I know they are busy in a separate war, so today it was just “ANI” who made it. :mrgreen: We moved around a few times, recruiting at town, tactics in forts and migrator, before teaming up with the Nachos in the Ice Berg! Our sizes were as good as yesterday (individually) and ANI together probably got around 40-45. This is what LT were saying to their Deep Snow;

Without the presence of DW, ANI say goodbye as they log off with no opposition encountered.

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FAT: Episode 17: Kingfunks4 AND Flipper7706||Poll of the Week

Hey ACP!

I just got my tonsils out yesterday, and I didnt know if I could post today. Than I woke up, and I knew I could. This week, Im did a DOUBLE interview O:! I interviewed current leader, Flipper7706, and newly promoted 3ic (Which should of been me :3) Kingfunks4. So lets see how it went!

Me: Ok, my first question is, How do you think ACP is currently doing? (Scale of 1-10)

Flip: Out of 10? I’d say an 8.5 or maybe higher. Our site stats have been up for a while, were in a god position in the war and we have been able to develop our Euro/USA soldiers, with great results. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good “everyone” events though, but  I’m sure we’ll put that straight tomorrow.

Funks:  I would say 7 because we aren’t achieving our best possible sizes and tactics, could be improved but we are doing pretty well.

Me: Next question is, Do you think ACP will be Better, Worse, or the same in the future?

Flip: Better or worse? To be honest, who knows. There could be a great surge in our sizes or maybe even another tight war, with the progression rate were showing right now, I’d have to pick better truly stays the same

Funks: Better because it always gets better as it gets closer to summer and people will be trying to do better than ever in the army to have a higher rank during the summer.

Me: Any Advice for new ACP troops?

Flip: Keep at it. It may seem really hard at times, like your getting nowhere, but when you do get somewhere, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Funks: Here is the advice for the troops: Stay active, go to events, comment on posts. Leaders and owners notice the active troops and they get promoted. I know everyone says it but it is true, promotions are given to the active.

Me: Thanks for your time!

Flip: Np!


Next week, I really want to interview myself xD. So comment saying if I should or not.

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Codename: ANDI

Battle Tips With Slider

Invasion of Shiver [For Nachos]

When: Friday, 24th February

Where: Mukluk


8:00 PM EST

7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

5:00 PM PST

12:00 AM GMT


ANDI are going to be invading LT’s part of Shiver, for the Nachos.

Presenting to you; ANDI.

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