Improving ACP: Your Opinion

Hello ACP!

I thought I’d mix it up a bit and help give soldiers a chance to voice their opinions and ideas openly on how we as an army could improve. All you need to do is comment, telling us what you think in ACP that needs improvement, weather it’s more fun, more practice battles, more recruiting, ect. Try to be specific in your comments like for example “I think we need more fun in ACP, like playing more mini games as a group and enjoying parties together!”. After we get 50 or so comments I’ll pick out a few good ones and try to put them into action. Time to think….

Comment with your opinions on what we could do to improve ACP!

March on,

     ~Slider ACP Head General

31 Responses

  1. I agree with the party thing. 1st

  2. I think we should sort our uniform out a bit. We’re beginning to not look like the infamous ACP any more. We need more to look more


    and organised. Also, non members do need a new uniform as the majority of items are rather old and newer soldiers will be feeling left out.

    I also think the ACP site isn’t


    enough. Though it is hard to obtain graphics often, the centre of ACP does need to be more of our main colour. We need to look more like the Army of CP and be the usual stereotype of us on Club Penguin.

  3. 3rd… i think ACP needs to get back to their divsions. nobody as checked their division in over 5 months. so we need to get back to that to get more organized. and i also had an idea i brought up to kenneth. ACP should have like a formal banquet on CP in someones igloo if we have just had victory in a huge war, or if someones retiring we should throw it for them. just an idea. lettme know what you think

  4. I think we need to focus some more on the war and we need a better enemy like PR,That Was Fun! thats all i got :l

  5. We should do more chat rallies, parties, game nights, uLeads,etc. TBH ACP does need to be more fun. We should really do more uleads because it gives troops a chance to be leader and also sharpen their leading skills. Chat rallies are also fun to. And game nights when we log on cp, play mini games igloo contests, and just chill out. Hope u like my ideas.

  6. Nice post Slider. I agree with Lazlo, we should have fun in troops’ igloos after a battle/war/anytime

  7. We need more fun. Like…I don’t know. Games, parties, contests. I’m starting to get bored.

  8. I think Slider should stop posting such lame posts. Last post was about rules, which was also made about a week before. This post is just ASD’s post but much shorter and less entertaining.

    Slider: I made the rules post because it appeared that people probably forgot the rules, as they were breaking they all day the day before…

  9. ACP Needs a “Happy Hour”. Like, Every Friday or Saturday (for example) The ACP could go to a chat and just laugh it up and have some fun on CP for an hour or so. There could be giveaways, activities on CP and stuff like that. Have some fun talks and just let loose. Im not saying dropping F-bombs and stuff, but allowing other words that arent usually allowed on chat. Reply and tell me what you think, and you never know, Stew may be able to make it happen!

  10. We need more pratice battles. Now we are done with wars (for now) we should have friendly pratice battles with armies. I also think that we should have a battle in an igloo.

  11. I think we need more fun events. We should also have more practice battles and tactics sessions where we can practice existing tactics and maybe develop new ones. Maybe some chat events were we just get on chat and have fun. Also, we should have a party at somebody’s igloo on Club Penguin.

  12. We should have more fun things like dance contests maybe even a new outfit!

  13. I think we need to get people into there uniforms more and make a vote on getting a better uniform so people will wear it more.

  14. I think we need new divisions but there shud only be 2 uk divison and a us divison . 2 cuz then we can to pb and stuff. igloo events sound kinda cool

  15. i think the acp needs to have a tatic session every 2 weeks on a friday or somting,more active devions , and a party ever so often on cp

  16. Let’s get a new uniform for members and non members so we look more organized.

    Can we also make a rule that DURING wartime only you have to wear the official uniform? That way we look like complete bosses.

    Can we also get rid of certain things we don’t need here anymore?

  17. I think that we should let Asd be the 3ic. 😀

  18. I think that we should have more tactic sessions so we could improve on our tactics.

  19. I think we need a little more allies and I think the uniforms should be better and you should get your promotions after the battle.

  20. I also think that we should change the medals to clovers. Clovers will be the same as medals, but they will have a different name.

  21. As great as ACP is, there is lots of room for improvement and we should always assess where we are and where we are going and where we want to be, and these discussions should be brought up often.
    My greatest concern is raids and calls for back up in ACP chat. I patrol HEAVILY and sometimes, often, I find other non-ally armies raiding one of our servers. I get into chat and place an announcement for back up, where to go and requesting all available ACP to come and help. Nobody takes be seriously or nobody comes! Pengy38088 did come twice and has reputation for responding though (thanks!). What is the point of me spending all my CP play time patrolling if nobody responds to my call for backup in ACP Chat? Why patrol then? We need to respond to these raids immediately or nobody will take us seriously. Others patrol and we don’t want it to be for nothing.
    Also, some more fun nights would be great. We patrol, battle, etc a LOT lately with not much reward. Furthermore, game nights build friendships and connections to one another to make our army stronger.
    I’d like to have tea with Kenneth too. I missed that opportunity because of the short notice.

  22. Theme music? Like an anthem or something? No need to make new music or anything, just link to an SWF file that Club Penguin uses for music (go to CP Wiki and search for music/party for ideas).

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