Fun Stuff For ACP!

Hai ACP,

Okay so I’ve heard you guys want more fun. Well yah so do I. Before I go on, I suck at making graphics unlike Flip who makes his posts nicer with his own homemade graphics. Now I got some ideas we can build on.

Oh Ken, calm down

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Training Sessions TODAY!

Haider ACP!

With all our wars dieing down it’s time to change gears and get more training. After our practice battle with the Ninjas it seems like we need a bit of practice seeing how there was a few problems with our performance like clumping, gaps, and idle soldiers. A few events we need more of would be recruiting, uLead sessions for members and moderators, tactic sessions, stuff like that! After wars we usually have the same old practice battles but they get boring after a bit amiright? I don’t know how you feel about uLead sessions but I feel as we need more of them, let the soldiers lead. Owners usually lead but it’s only fair that we give members a chance once and a while. How can they be the future leaders if they don’t get practice now?

ACP Training Session [USA]

Medals: 1 for all who attend

When: Friday March 2nd


5:00 PM Eastern

4:00 PM Central

3:00 PM Mountain

2:00 PM Pacific


ACP Training Sessions [UK]

When: Friday March 2nd


4:00 PM United Kingdom

We as owners want to improve on is our number of unscheduled events. People get lazy with these during times when we don’t have them at least 3 times a week. Back last summer for example we could average 25-35 people at unscheduled events, that can happen even during school months! Leaders usually lead unscheduled events but members and mods can try their hand at leading them too. March and April are our best months for recruiting. Even just going on with a few friends and recruiting is a big help to ACP. Even though it doesn’t get you extra medals, if a mod or owner sees you running your own unscheduled events it can count toward a promotion!

Owners, during our peak hours on chat try to get everyone online for an unscheduled event, maybe recruiting or just a fun game time, but remember to post the results! You can offer some temp-mods to members if they attend to get people motivated too. Even mods can do this. If you want to offer temp mod spots just tell me who you picked when I’m online and I’ll it to them.

Comment and telling us if you can attend & tell us what you can do to help us improve ACP!

March On,

       ~ Slider ACP Head General

Now what?

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Leader Assessments: Responding Actions

Hai ACP!

Part 1 (Voting, nothing special) can be viewed here.

Part 2 (Results) can be viewed here.(This post has a summary of the results)

Previous to this post, I asked you guys to rate your leaders on a scale of one to five with five being the best.To see the results, click the second link above. Now, it’s time for your leaders to take action. Here we go!

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