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February 2012 Promotions…of DEATH

Friday Training Sessions

Kingek (Kingfunks and Ek): #1

Weekend Events

Hai there!

It’s Ken posting the promos on behalf of Flipper and and I as well as the rest of the ACP owners. I know this month was pretty hardcore for us with like so many events per day and everything. You all certainly need to be rewarded. Flipper’s part is below.

Hey guys! There have only been 2 days for you to comment on whether you deserve a promotion or not, and if you didn’t have time to comment, fear not, you can still get promoted even if we miss you out today. To do that, you just need to fill out ANOTHER form. Yes, I know, but hey, when forms are this good, who cares?

  1. ACP Name:
  2. ACP Rank:
  3. Why do you feel you were unfairly denied a promotion:
The leaders have checked and double checked the comments and have promoted who we feel deserve to be. Other owners, you cana dd people onto this post as well, but may I remind you to also ADD NEW RECRUITS TO THIS POST. Thank-you, and click read more to see if you have been promoted…
February 2011.

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ACPTR Graduates Of February 2012

Notice: Before I start this post I would like to ask anyone who would like a job in ACPTR as a History Teacher to come and see me on chat, you must have knowledge of ACPTR History and be at Brigadier General or above.

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