A Solomn Goodbye

Hey, ACP. Buck, a legend, former Division General, is leaving. Feel free to not view the post, but please do, as I hope we all miss him.

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ACP Training On Sunday! Fun Recruiting Results!


Where: Snow Fort, Town

When: Sunday, 4th March

Times: 12:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

12:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

3:00 PM EST

8:00 PM GMT

Hai ACP!

Our recruiting went okay today. I wasn’t trying to get huge sizes but instead our goal was to gain more soldiers and recruits. Our recruiting servers were packed so we had to recruit on Breeze. The Town was completely empty but it turns out all those people were actually at the Beach instead! So the ACP went with the flow and followed the crowd to the Beach! It was pretty fun though, we played games and went to Stew’s igloo for a “rave” right after the recruiting. Tomorrow on Sunday, lets really up our sizes to a 45+! If we get that, everyone gets 4 medals for that battle.  I didn’t get many pics of us at our biggest though. Hopefully some people got more pics so I can add them on! Good job to everyone who came! Let’s see how many recruits ACP gets today!

Prepare for the training tomorrow because it is going to be intense! Here are some things you really got to remember for the training tomorrow.

  1. Spread Out! We must look bigger for the victory post!
  2. Be On Chat! Get on chat to listen and follow orders that Flen and the other owners give.
  3. Recruit When No Orders Are Given! You guys should know how to do this! We just practiced it today! Use ACP recruiting phrases!
  4. Follow All Orders As Quickly As You Can! That is so that our tactics will look nice!
  5. Log On! Wow, this is a real important one! We must all log on to ensure we even have a chance of getting a 45+. No time for laziness troopers!

Keep those in mind! That will guide us to success on Sunday. Lets try our hardest to get those numbers! Remember the times well. They are on the top of the post so you can’t miss it!  Our spot on the CPAC Top 10 depends on our success! So lets make success.

Comment If You Can Come!


Results of the Green Vs Blue PB!

Hey ACP, 

Today at an earlier than normal time of 6:00 PM GMT, we had a practice battle with the Ice Warriors. IW have been our best allies in the past war, and it was great to have a battle with them for fun to test each others strength in our Euro squad. As you can see above, ACP won with great ease!

We started off amazing at the start before, starting to lose our size near the end, but before the end of our battle [which was agreed to be 30 minutes long] it was cut short by 10 minutes as CP decided to freeze and confuse us all. Never the less, it was a fun battle! I, Flipper7706, lead parts of it, with the help of all the owners online (Icey Cold27, Carter157, Ekpenguin9 and Slider568). Today was a team effort and all together we had a great time battling our allies. As it was a practice battle, no-one was a winner, but I think this time we are allowed to have the bragging rights.

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Our Most Important Time Of The Year

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