General Meeting Results: 04/03/12

Hey ACP!

Today was our most recent General Meeting and it went fairly well. We discussed ideas to help ACP until we just talked about cake and how we should make Mosh leader. Read on for our ideas! Continue reading

Our tactics were so good, CP gave up on their servers.

Hey ACP, 

Yesterday we had 2 events, a successful PB against the Ice Warriors with our Euro Forces, but then a shameful recruiting on Breeze. Today was our chance to redeem ourselves after a below par performance yesterday, and boy did we give it our all. It was a tactics session, and we did so many tactics perfectly it was unbelievable. We did many tactics, new and old, and everyone had a really enjoyable time.

Today, Kenneth and I mainly lead, but the other owners did chip in with some contributions, like Carter157 who came up with a great tactic for us to use in the future, and many other revolutionary tactics. We started off in the Snow Forts and were on for around 30 minutes before the event started, in the Forts we made a complete circle amongst other great tactics before moving to the Ice Berg to do an X tactic and a spread out tactic. Before finally we went to the Night Club where we got to do a box before CP logged us off. Get better servers, Billybob!

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Famous ACP Troops 18: Me (Stew20) || The BETTER Poll of the Week

Hey ACP!

This week in FAT, I interviewed myself. Just like I said I would! So, I answered the questions I ask the person I interview every week, and it was pretty fun looking back at my past with ACP, and really seeing what kind of troop I am xD.

Q: Alright, my first question is, how was ACP when you first joined?

A: Well, when I first joined, it was August 4th, 2009. I knew about CP warfare long before that however. Anyways, I don’t remember much of it, but im petty sure Saint was leader and everything seemed peachy.

Q: Alright my next question is, how was being an Owner?

A: A LOT of responsibility, but a very good experience. I ignore how I got fired, because Im pretty young compared to most people in this army and will most likely be here for a while. SO YOU’RE STUCK WITH ME D:<

Q: My next question is, have you seen any improvement in ACP since you were 3ic?

A: In my honest opinion, not much. I mean, I remember when Mchappy was leader and we got like, an estimated 200 troops on? THAT WAS INSANE!!! But now, were getting 40-60 at the most, which isn’t a bad thing, but, I highly doubt ANYBODY could break that record that Mchappy holds. (I LOVE YOU MC)

Q: My next question is, were battles your favorite activity?

A: Well, yes from about since I joined to 2 months into my modhsip, but from there to now, no. Right now, my favorite thing is hanging out on chat and being with all you beautiful people. (Well, mostly beautiful)

Q: Any advice for new ACP Troops?

A: Sure, work hard, listen to the leaders, and most of all, never give up. Some people quit because they don’t get promoted. Trust me, it’s happened to all of us, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

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