Also, following the previous Champions Cup post, most people wanted Tourney&Training, so Kenneth1000 has rescheduled his event for Saturday. Click HERE for more details.

Hey ACP!

Welcome to the 3rd post in this Champions Cup series, although the previous posts are no longer relevant to this. After logging into the chat this morning, I saw Kingfunks4 had posted the first events of the Champions Cup Group Stages. There had been one change to the event plan though, the 1st round of events will take place on SUNDAY, so we will have Saturday to warm up before we enter the Champions Cup at the Group Stages.

If you read my 1st post in this series, we are in a group along with the Golden Troops, Metal Warriors and the Pirates. Our first event is against the Pirates, who have risen in size since Rockhopper’s party has been here, but since the party is ending tomorrow, it seems they may be at a smaller size than usual. Just because they aren’t even in the top 10 doesn’t mean it will be easy. In the last CPAC cup there were many upsets, including when we surprisingly lost against the Nachos, remember, nothing is set in stone.

This post has the information for our Sunday Tournament Battle, information about our enemies for that day, and what will happen if we qualify past the group stages.

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