The ACP Mall And A Diary Of A [Wimpy] ACP Soldier

Hai ACP!

Okay first I am soo sorry I can’t post everyday like Flipper. Although war has its downsides it provided me with lots of things to post about, but now we are at peace so I don’t have as many things. I am trying to work on my grades a bit more since I got a B in a certain subject (wary)

I have been inspired by the Ice Warriors and their Ice Warriors mall. Click here if you don’t know what it is.I am thinking if you ACP troops would want to, we could setup our own ACP Mall. Full of stores and stuff! Our ACP Mall should be even bigger since we are a bigger army. The IW currently has 9 shops! I bet the ACP can get at least 12! So all you have to do is fill in the form below to get your shop or restaurant on an ACP  fun page that Flip and I will plan out.


Name of Restaurant Or Shop:

Link to Picture Of Your Business:

Remember guys, we need the picture of your igloo aka your restaurant or shop for your business to be added to the ACP Mall. Okay now I am moving on to a more pressing issue.

Our Hits

Our hits are pretty low now for some reason. Our hits skyrocketed in February especially but now they are kinda down. Why do you guys think our hits are dropping now? Any ideas? March shouldn’t be a boring month! We have a number of birthdays for ACP troops including mine and we have a tournament AND St Patrick’s Day is coming plus some people in Canada and the USA have March or Spring Break. The ACP has training on Saturday so don’t miss it! Read my post for more info and we have a tournament the day after. Btw I punched Ken in the face and this he what he said back. Not so tough now eh?

Ooh Ken is now hiding behind the trees. I am so scared (Wary) Btw if any one has been in the ACP only mostly for like 2 years or so and got lots of spare time, talk to me.

Press Read More To Read My Story.

Diary Of An ACP Soldier [Chapter 1]

The year is 2012, ACP forces and LT forces have been fighting for months with no clear victor just yet…

Well, hello my name is my name is Foldez. I am a 1st Lieutenant, and a paratrooper part of the 8th battalion of the ACP paratrooper regiment. I lead a platoon of other paratroopers in the field. This is my story.

The day was February 10th 2012. The ACP Leaders had scheduled for a nightly assault on the Light Troops fortress of Ice Box. We were there to weaken and confuse the enemy forces till the main body of troops lead by Ken arrived. The time was 2100 hours EST. The ACP gliders have dropped us in far behind enemy territory. They dropped in 4 platoons and Master General Monsoon led the operation from a desk in Breeze while Colonel Funbob was dropped out here with us in the field. Ken and Flip wanted two bridges destroyed before the rest of the ACP troops come in to disable the LT logistics and to prevent their troops from crossing the river easier. Two platoons would take out the first bridges while the other two including the one lead by me will take the other one.

I landed into Light Troops territory. I hit the ground feet first and quickly wrapped up and hid my parachute. I wandered disorientated into the field while staying low. The sounds of our planes getting shot down were awful. I quickly met up with others and organized ourselves. My platoon had about 20 people in it. They include Mr Waffle45 Levandoski Envirodude1 Duck soldier Fiona387 Kirilldoom16 Dunny Decker and many more. My platoon was the only platoon to have all survived the hazardous flight without a scratch. All 20s of us silently marched 2 miles north and begun setting up for an attack. “Pass some more ammunition Mr Waffle whispered.” “I am gonna get me some LT heads tonight” said Dunny Decker enthusiastically. Although war is a terrible thing, the platoon and I were quite enthusiastic about this mission. I ordered Levandoski and 9 other troops to wake out the forces guarding the bridge.

They silently crept through the ditch that was on one side of the path leading to the bridge. I ordered the attack to proceed. Our snipers Fiona and 3-4 others opened up their rifles and began picking off the LT troops from our position that was about 200 meters away from the bridge. Levandoski fired his submachine gun and mowed down 3 LT troops trying to lift up their weapons after a nap as 6 other paratroopers advanced forwards with their weapons blazing through. The scene was pretty gory with dead bodies lying everywhere. Fiona pulled off a shot that saved Levandoski from being shot just seconds away before that LT officer fired his pistol. I made a mention about her in my report to Colonel Funbob later. Duck soldier went inside the guardhouse right beside the bridge to find some documents on a desk. He quickly snatched them and left, but not before throwing a grenade into the other room. Explosions from LT thrown grenades were every where. An LT officer was directing a mortar team to setup, it managed to fire a few shots that wounded my troops until I radioed Mr Waffle man for his squad to take it out. He and 3 others made an incredible dash jumping over ditches and holes, avoiding bullets and explosions until he finally got into a ditch that was only 20 meters from that mortar emplacement. He leveled his rifle and began shooting along with his 2 other buddies. The LT returned fire. Suddenly a bullet beached the shoulder of his friend. He had his other comrade take care of him while Mr Waffle continued to fight. A Lt grenade landed into the ditch, it seemed all over by then but just then Mr Waffle’s wounded friend had picked it up and thrown it back into the LT mortar pit just in the nick of time and saved them all in the ditch!

Bullets were flying everywhere but this whole thing just lasted for 15 minutes. Soon after I lead the rest of the platoon here and finished off some retreated LT troops. I personally made sure I got them all so that they can’t run back and report to their officers that an attack was happening. While Krilldoom and Envirodude were conversing, an LT troop popped up and picked up his weapon. Just as he was about to shoot, I got my pistol from my holster and open fired 3 times. I sent Dunny over to make sure there were no more LT troops and then I ordered my troops to plant explosives on the bridge. I quietly slouched on the bridge waiting for what the next few minutes would bring.

Comment If You Like The Story And About the ACP Mall!


45 Responses

  1. Btw I just picked active ACP troops in the lower ranks for my story. I think they are all active at least…

  2. Stew20

    My Resturant is Stew’s Stew

  3. I’ve got alot of igloo stuff, maybe I could make something. One of the things I specialize in is building a mansion! 🙂 Any way I could fit that in?

  4. Username: Slider

    Name of Restaurant: Green Castle Sliders

    Link to Picture Of Your Business:

  5. I’m a non-member D: But it would be fun to hangout in some shops 😉

  6. Colonel Funbob = EPIC!!

  7. i like the mall, and foldez story… i have a similar one with my troops of ACP on the feild

  8. Hahaha, this was my idea back in IW.
    Username: Lorenzo Bean
    Shop: Beans and Nobles (or simply, the Library)

  9. YAY to the whole post! I wish I could add to the mall but I am not a member.

  10. light troops rock

  11. Username: Mini17059

    Name of Restaurant Or Shop: Mini17059’s Gym Products and Workouts

    Link to Picture Of Your Business:

  12. Usermane: Yellowie 25
    Name of buiness: Yellowie’s snow board park
    Link to Picture of your business:

  13. By the way the story was great

  14. im a non member,I might be getting membership on my birthday.

  15. thanks for putting me in the story!

  16. Love the shops idea. I’ll read the story later 😀

  17. These are pictures from when i was a member


    Name of Restaurant Or Shop: Flen’s Mall (including Puffle Shop, Music Shop, Book Store, Plant Shop and Gym Equipment)

    Link to Picture Of Your Business:

  18. Username:CIAN130

    Name of Restaurant Or Shop:Cians toilets

    Link to Picture Of Your Business:

  19. Username:Ower123
    Name of Restaurant Or Shop: Destiny island Apartment
    Link to Picture Of Your Business:

  20. Ken, can I be security (wary)


  22. I want to be secruity (goo) also its because in the last month we had tons of battles and tons of other armies would go to the site to check when we were invading /defending

  23. Username:Rogerdodger1

    Name of Restaurant Or Shop:ACP ChikFila

    Link to Picture Of Your Business:

  24. wow thanks ken, i feel honured to be part of ur (my) story 🙂

  25. Awesome story and awesome ACP mall idea.

  26. how do u take a picture?

  27. 1) Pet penguin5
    2) Pet papas pizza parlour
    (Music concerts on Saturdays!)

  28. 1: Rawkinman
    2: Rawkington Mansion and gardens

  29. Username: Ericgarfeild

    Name of Restaurant Or Shop: It a puffle ranch. Adopt you own puffle or relax and drink some tea in the epic manor house thing.

    Link to Picture Of Your Business:

  30. ken mate a B aint bad at all

  31. Username: Bird Pingu
    Name of Restaurant Or Shop: Tiki Hut Grillhouse
    Link to Picture Of Your Business: (coming soon) A.K.A my membership expired, but i’ll get a new one soon!

  32. Lmafo diary of a wimpy soldier!!!

  33. Username: mr waffle 45
    Name of Restaurant Or Shop: the clover cafe
    Link to Picture Of Your Business
    there it is 🙂


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