Hey ACP, 

After the end of the Rockhopper party which was pretty cool, it seems like a new party is taking place… The annual Puffle Party! But this isn’t like any other puffle party you have ever attended, this time there will be a slight difference. It’s not that big, just we are going to be PUFFLES instead of PENGUINS. Woah! I think this is pretty cool, and would provide some much-needed fun in ACP. Asdfghjkl888 has been starting some fun hide and seek events, and I’m sure they will be much funner over the puffle party.

The dates for this party are a week from today, so it’s not far off! This post is mainly telling you bits and pieces about it, some cool updates they will probably be bringing in and basically the latest CP news 😛 The party’s slogan is “Transform and Party” and the event will last for 12 days from March 15th – March 27th. This party could mean some changes around ACP and ACP site as in Graphics, New Tactics, and with puffles being considerably smaller, maybe we could fit more into a room causing bigger size?

The Puffle Party will take place while the CPAC Champions Cup is in the second round of group stages battles, which I’m sure is going to make it very interesting. Despite the party changing lots of things, I still expect us to be getting 40+ at all the battles we attend, to prove we are the best army in Club Puffle. The slogan “Transform and Party” almost confirms that we will transform into Puffles.

I think we have only ever been puffles once before, and that wasn’t even in proper Club Penguin. There used to be a kind of “secret” testing website called CPIP [Club penguin Improvement Project] where there was a testing CP where they tested various new things. One of the things was everyone was a green puffle, and that’s where all the penguins with the red drilling hat got it from, as a thank-you from Club Penguin for helping to test. CPIP from what I understand has since been shut down and been replaced by something else.

Looking at the different advertisements, it seems we will be able to be any colour puffle, including white which isn’t usually a penguin colour that we can access. The Puffle Party shouldn’t really by a major advantage to any specific army like the Fiesta is to the Nachos, or the Ninja Party is to the Ninjas, so everyone will be trying to make the most out of it.

The changes are already in full swing, and I have noticed that there are new Igloo catalog items. There are some cool puffle chairs including a stylish green one, some funny mood lamps involving various colours of puffles and some other nice items to decorate your igloo with. You can also notice pufflefied (what a great word :lol) home pages on Club Penguin, and login screens. you can also notice the crossed out Club Penguin logo which is replaced with a Club Puffle logo.

Remember, the clothing catalog also has a few pages on puffle-themed clothes, and they will only be available for a month instead of slowly making its way to the back of the catalog before finally being cleared off the shelf. So if you want to get in the party mood, you better start buying them quick before they vanish!

That’s basically it for this post, and I’m wondering if you liked it. This is the kind of second “UPDATES” post I’ve made and I’d like to know if you like it, or if you think they are a waste of nooby time. In my personal opinion, I am looking forward to this Puffle Party as it will be a change from the recent boring parties that Club Penguin have been offering. Although, I still prefer the old Club Penguin before Disney took over. The only thing I’m not impressed with is this picture…

I was outraged when I saw this picture on the login screen, for we all know Flipper is SO in fashion, and I don’t know what that white puffle is laughing about, I personally find White boring and unoriginal. :mrgreen:

Comment if you liked this post,


31 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. We’re being mutated into puffles :O

  3. yeah i like this kind of post and who sed flippers were not in fashion

  4. I hope Non-Members can be green puffles.~ACP Warrant Officer~Levandoski

  5. Puffle Party is approved by Splashy.

  6. Uh yeah, this is gonna be, oh I dunno, AWESOME! Army of Club… Puffle? Also, having part of the tournament as Puffles will be awesome. Shame there isn’t any puffle army out there. Although who knows? Maybe somebody’ll restart the Puffle Warriors because they are in the puffle mood and the army mood?

  7. not a fan of the puffle party its very similar to the fall fair in my opinion. music jam is definately best in my other opinion

  8. Turning into puffles again? C’mon, they did that for the CPIP. I wish they were original.

    • Yeah, but this time we get to be ANY color of puffle. Not just green. Oh, by the way, I think we only get to be puffles in certain areas. The one place I’m certain this will happen at is the new secret area for puffles only. However, it’s possible you can be a puffle on the night club rooftop. Not certain of it, but it’s possible.

  9. Oh Goodness. Lulz at CP 😆 I can’t be a puffle. How sad I am D:

  10. 12th commenter!!!

  11. I demand Club Walrus 😦

  12. I feared this day would come! CP IS STARTING PENGUIN MUTATIONS D:<


  14. Looks like puffles are taking over ACP

  15. Yay! Puffles! I actually like white puffles but that white puffle I dont agree with.

  16. Great, I’m gonna be the dumb puffle again, like I was on a CP trainer…

  17. . Now i have to be a puffle who owns a puffle ranch on Breeze. Its so weird.

  18. Interesting. Better be for non members…

  19. Yeah it better be for nonmembers or else (dramatic music)


  21. Flipper, you’re not funny

  22. CPIP was shut down and later replaced by Beta Team (game-testing branch of CP) http://authorized.clubpenguin.com

  23. I’ve been hearing that you get to choose when you’re a puffle.


  25. When Norman was Transformed Shrink rays worked in the 2011 Halloween Party they set up a Dungeon to let us attempt mutations. Now since that failed they will just make a huge laser to shoot us and turn us into puffles to make up for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnwFI6m0nh8 for the Official Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Commerical.

  26. The Puffle Party is stupid, Fiesta FTW.

  27. We are doing Puffle Party again
    I Can’t wait

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