We’re holding a chat rally soon and St. Patrick’s day contests which can be found here!

Icey Cold27: I have made a new chatbox just in case XAT continues to glitch really badly or if something goes wrong.

Hey ACP!

March has begun, Spring has sprung and It’s a new month for ACP to be the best we can be. We’ve been introducing some new things to the army and we want to hear your ideas as well. So, let’s go!

So, to begin we’re having a possible edit or change of the uniforms. Both members and non members will be going into the changing rooms and getting some new items on. We’re not changing them for any random reason, of course. Recently, the ACP hasn’t looked very ACP-ish and I and I’m sure you also wish to change that. When I say that I mean we haven’t been looking very green. Seems unimportant, right? Well, the ACP is known for our green dominance and clovers. It makes us unique from other armies. The ACP always looks fantastic when we’re in or close to our official uniform. We look organised and impressive with it on. Yes, not everyone has all the items in the uniform and sadly you can’t spawn Club Penguin clothes into your inventory. We understand that and wearing as close as you can to the official uniform is perfectly fine. Ken does love your Aunt Arctic gift bag or your pirate costume but sadly It doesn’t look very good when in an ACP event. Rogues have always been a big part of armies also. Penguins who don’t directly know about the ACP site are actually a big advertising help. They waddle onto Mammoth, Breeze or whatever server they have seen us on and start to shout “Join the ACP!”. These supposed “noobs” help us greatly and gain us many a recruit. This ties into uniform as these rogues will start to wear what they see us in. We want the ACP to be known server wide as an epic, organised, green, clover filled, fun army. Trust me, having around 45 penguins wearing green in a battle, It looks great and even more intimidating for our enemy.


In Slider’s most recent post he reminded me that St Patrick’s day was quickly approaching. A celebration for the Irish and many other countries around the world. Not only for humans but for virtual penguins, like us. The ACP is known as stated above for our green dominance and this is a time where we can use this date to our advantage. Recruiting can be more effective as many penguins will be in a happy, green partying mood. Sadly, Club Penguin got rid of the St Patrick’s Party but we can work around that. We need to get our true colours on and be recruiting as much as possible. Let’s make March and the continuing months, ACP’s month.


As for some extra notes. We’re starting to look good on Club Penguin again. We’re having more spreading in formations and we’re getting some pretty cool new tactics in. Let’s try and be the best we’ve ever been. The little things can help us improve massively on Club Penguin. Adios!

Ek ACP Commander General

P.S- Welcome back Mchappy!

I was like :\ then I was like :O then I was like :D then I was like ♣

Cart:  Xat’s “fixing up” the problems.

Ek: Oh my Oagal. Xat.com/theacp and multiple other chats are lagging out. Don’t worry, It’ll be fixed. I call hax.

Slider: What the thorp is wrong with xat these days.


Hey ACP, 

Today was our 1st battle of the CPAC Champions Cup, we were to fight Pirates in one of the 3 battles we had to fight in to get through the group stages. And todays battle took me a range of emotions. We logged in at about 20 minutes before our battle begun, and from then on we only encountered troubles. Before we started to turn it around and do AMAZING!

  • :\ = I started getting worried when we couldn’t all get in one room as the other 2 armies who had just been in there still had a few soldiers left in there. We had 15+ locked out, where as pirates had none, so i started to get worried for how we would do, but I was just being silly. :mrgreen:
  • :O = As the battle developed, we started getting more and more soldiers in and we were getting sizes of 30-35 with still 15 locked out. I was shocked, surprised that we still had this many despite all the problems we had.
  • 😀 = Pirates left the battle room, meaning we won, but I felt we still had a point to prove so I ordered the soldiers to the Town to prove our sizes and tactics, and I was delighted at how big we had became.
  • = And that’s when I felt it inside me, the cloverism confirming me as one of the religion, and it just felt right, to be in ACP throughout all our struggles, all our amazing feats, and it felt goooooooood. Cheesy? Yes. Was it needed? Yes. :mrgreen:

Click read more to see the pictures, information about the battle and for your chance to comment claiming your 5 medals, as the totals get ever nearer to the total needed for a promotion. 

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I’M BACK! … In Florida

Icey Cold27: I am back in my homestate Minnesota. After I make-up all the finals I missed at school I should be active once again. Hopefully even more active. ♥

Cart:  Can’t wait, buddy!

Hai dere, ACP!
I am finally back to the United States, my home country. It was a long cruise but a lot of fun. I missed all of you so very much. I grabbed my phone from my mother right away when I had the chance.
The beds on the cruise killed my back.
BUT!, I had some fun with my family. I finally got tan too. How was everybody’s week? I hope y’all missed me as much as I missed you.  Such a long week.  I should be home and on a computer by afternoon or evening CST time. Merci!

Insert a funny quote here.

Let the marching begin.
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