CPACCC Round 2 & 3 – Tips & Ways To Improve/Chat Rally Reminder

Slider: Everyone go check out the mine shack, theres a St. Patrick’s day hat for everypenguin. If you’re a nonmember you should wear it as part of your uniform.

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Why: To improve our Euro forces, in case of a war.

When: Friday, 16th March

Where: Snow Fort, Forts

Times: 8:00 PM UK

1:00 PM PST [[excused]]

2:00 PM MST [[excused]]

3:00 PM CST [[excused/could make 2nd half]]

4:00 PM EST

8:00 PM GMT

Hey ACP, 

I can’t remember when but the other week I made a post asking what we should do this weekend, as we had CPAC events all across the weekend at “EVERYONE” time, so we couldn’t have events then. I gave a few options and most people wanted some time-zone training, something we haven’t done since the end of our war. I think this is needed, and it will be great to strengthen our time zones tactics up before easter comes!

I’m scheduling these trainings for Friday, so we only have 2 events over the weekend, and it will be more challenging for us to do better on a Friday night, and challenges is what we are eager for. The LT claim they should have been first because of the number of midweek events they had, and despite we were bigger, I think we should still prove to them we still own, whatever the time. Cocky? Yes. Click Read more to see the times, and what we can expect from them! I made what I think is a pretty sweet graphic above, and included 11 different countries including USA, Canada, UK, China, AUS and many other European countries.

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