CPACCC Round 2 & 3 – Tips & Ways To Improve/Chat Rally Reminder

Slider: Everyone go check out the mine shack, theres a St. Patrick’s day hat for everypenguin. If you’re a nonmember you should wear it as part of your uniform.

Hello ACP!

Last Sunday was our first battle in the CPAC Champions Cup, which we did win but I couldn’t help but notice a good amount of (obvious) things we need to improve on. These things include our idle penguin problem, chat problems, and problems we’ve been having with tactics. Why work on these now? We’re going up against the Metal Warriors and Golden Troops which are the 9th and 10th armies in the top 10, it’s nothing to worry about of course but once we beat them we’re bound to run into stronger armies like the Light Troops which will be harder to beat.

Idle penguins, they cause a huge problem with tactics and can even cause clumping and gaps. During our latest events we’ve been seeing more penguins idle and it’s begging to become more than just a little problem that can be ignored. When in any event it’s important to stay awake and online throughout the entire battle. PCs can wait and trying to talk with an owner is almost impossible, not to mention it distracts the owner from giving commands.  It’s also best to stay away from side conversations until after the battle so everyone can have an easier time spotting and following commands on chat, including you. Having a big amount of idle penguins will make our tactics much less effective and have a negative effect on ACP’s performance. It’s best to try and just keep your attention on the leaders and Club Penguin the entire event.

I’ve also noticed quite a few penguins trying their hand at leading, and thats great when it’s something like a Ulead session, but at a battle you need to listen to commands rather than trying to lead on your own, but by all means you can help repeat the owner’s orders. Something else I’d like to talk about briefly is something that I’m sure most of you are aware of, but I’d like to touch up on it, these two problems are clumping and gaps. Sometimes these are caused by penguins just not paying attention, so if you’re part of the problem just move to a gap or if there isn’t any gaps just stand next to another penguin and help expand the formation.

2.) St. Patrick’s Day Chat Rally & Contest Sign Up

We’re going to be holding a St. Patrick’s Day chat rally this Saturday. Due to the CPACCC cutting into the times the Chat Rally had been moved an hour ahead.  The times are below…

St. Patrick’s Day Chat Rally

Where: & Mammoth

Saturday, March 17th

Starting at….

4:00 PM Eastern

3:00 PM Central

2:00 PM Mountain

1:00 PM Pacific

9:00 PM United Kingdom

I’m also holding two contests that will close at 2:00 PM EST Saturday. Theres a contest for best St. Patrick’s day igloo design and a St. Patrick’s day themed player card contest for both members and nonmembers which you can sign up for here…

Starting today through March 17th you’ll have a chance to enter our very own St. Patrick’s day igloo contest if you’re a member. All you have to do is take a picture of your igloo using a screenshot, tinypic, photobucket, ect. The best St. Patrick day themed igloo will win! I’ll judge the igloos from the comments below and the winner will win 5 days and 300 xats. If you’d like to take part and enter the contest fill out the form in a comment below, which if you entered on the other St Patrick’s day post you don’t need to re-enter.

Club Penguin Username:

ACP Rank:

Picture of decorated igloo:

The other contest we’ll be holding is one that both members and nonmembers can enter. Just like the last contest you’ll need to take a picture of your player card with your St. Patrick’s day costume. In this contest there will be 2 categories, most creative costume and best overall costume. 4 winners will be chosen, 2 members and 2 nonmembers. The winners will receive 5 days and 200 xats each. If you’d like to enter fill out the form below….

Club Penguin Username:

ACP Rank:

Picture of costume (playercard):

Comment filling out the forms if you’d like to enter!

March On,

~Slider ACP Head General

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  1. Firstnesssssss.


  3. 3rd of everybody!
    Another problem, when the leader is going 1.. 2.. 3.. to execute a tactic, somebody else goes and says three and some people do the tactic before everybody is supposed to which causes the tactic to be less organized, less impressive, and weaker. Just thought I’d bring that up.

  4. I’ll be there. Mch got beaten by Slider in firstness :O

  5. cool post

  6. Duargh I wish I came.

  7. I can still make it 😀

  8. Club Penguin Username:CIAN130

    ACP Rank:MAJOR

    Picture of costume (playercard):i no know how take pics

  9. Put my player card on the other post. Do we have to re-comment it?

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