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Hai ACP,

Busy week eh? Lots of things have happened and I’ll go try and act like one of those typical CPAC reporters that report on stuff except there will be like 50% ACP biased stuff into it 😀 . Let’s go start on the LT. Btw I am not fan of the LT.

Light Troops Laziness Costs Them A Victory [Editorial: Idiots In Focus]

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Champions Cup Group Stages – Results!

***Warning: Lengthy post totalling over 1.8k words!  I challenge thee to read it all! Maybe even 1 medal is up for grabs if you can tell me a bit about what you’ve learnt to prove that you have read it. 😛 I will also try to post about our Quarter-Final event in more depth tomorrow, that’s if no-one steals it before I can.***

Hey ACP, 

We are currently taking part in the Champions Cup, and it started off in a group format. I have already posted about the results after 1 event occurred last Sunday, and you can view it HERE. This post has the results for all of the 4 groups – A/B/C/D. There has been lots of news when there haven’t been battles taking place too, with a lot of armies seeming to “ragequit” and a mini alliance taking place to ignore CPAC. This has surely been one of the most recent exciting tournaments produced by CPAC.

On Saturday, event 2 took place for all the armies involved, and after those results 2 armies had already qualified, even if they lost the other events. That means the 3rd and final event of the group stages on Sunday decided half of the group’s 1st places and all the groups 2nd places. There were a lot of armies on tied points, and some bitterly being left out of the Quarter-Finals. I will also give you more information on the Quarter-final ties too, all that in this post!

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