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Hey ACP!

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CPACCC Battle & Organization Tips + Saturday Game Night

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Stew’s Epic Corner 3||FAT Awards THE RESULTS and POTW

Hey there ACP!

I didnt feel like interviewing anybody this week, so Im just gonna talk. Stew to Random Readers. Im going to give my honest opinion. Please dont take any of my opinions as insults. I never try to hurt anybody’s feelings.

In my honest opinion, I think ACP is at a high point. I dont know about you guys, but I believe we have been dominating lately. A perfect 10/10 from my personal leader experiences. I remember leading my old army and making a CPAC tounrament. I was used to being in tournaments from being in ACP, but it was my first tournament as a leader. We were averaging 18-20 at the time and made it to the 2nd round and ALMOST upset a large top 5 army. They were in the wrong room and came back into the right room during the last 2 minutes. However, being 3ic in the ACP and leading my old army was a COMPLETE DIFFERENCE. In my opinion, I’d honestly have to say the hardest of the two was leading my army. Being 3ic was very fun, but not very hard. I understand join page and posts and stuff, but I had to deal with that with my army as well. So, what do you guys think? Do you think being a 3ic in a large army is harder than leading a medium army? Thanks for reading my little story, now its time for the interesting part!!!

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The View of an ACP 1st Lieutenant.


Pre-Note: When I was on chat Yesterday, a loyal soldier Snaily5 Pc’ed me and talked about what they felt was an urgent problem in ACP. I thought that I couldn’t post about it when they knew so much about it, so I encouraged them to come up with a post, email me it and I will post it on their behalf. This is the result. It may look long and boring, but I would encourage you to read it! Another small thing is the text font in this post, do you like the subtle change or the previous font?

The View of an ACP 1st Lieutenant.

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