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Ken’s World = Sittin’ Prettay In The City [NEW Top 10]

Hai ACP!

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CPAC Champions Cup – QF results!

Hey ACP, 

On Sunday was the round of Quarter-Finals in CPAC’s latest tournament, the Champions Cup. There were 4 in total and were supposedly meant to be 9 armies in the Quarter-Final, before the Dark Warriors dropped out after they had leadership problems and kind of died. SWAT took their place in the QF with UMA, so fought them instead of a tough 3-way with IW and MW. There were 2 close battles, and 2 fairly easy battles, but which were which?

This post brings you the results of each battle and the Semi-Final’s which will probably occur this weekend, along with my personal predictions with them. I’ll be asking you for your predictions too, so don’t leave just yet! A few notes before is each battles were meant to be 45 minutes long and normal rules applied too. For those who are unfamiliar with this kind of set up, the winner’s of the Quarter-Finals go onto fight in the Semi-Finals and then if they win that, they finally compete in the grand final!

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